3 Tips for Increasing Your YOUTUBE Views & Subscribers for 2020 – What to Know

With the new year fast approaching, there are several essentials that you’ll have to account for when running a YouTube channel to achieve success. Out of all the new year’s resolutions that you will possibly set for your YouTube channel, having more views and subscribers to your channel will most likely be at the top of your list.

Know that you’re always going to aim for more subscribers and views from the first day your channel went live. While the increasing intensity of competition and user selectivity is becoming as high as ever, achieving a higher viewer and subscriber is much harder than it sounds. 

Fortunately, getting even more views and subscribers on your YouTube channel can be done quickly and effectively with the right information. If you’ve been looking to start 2020 right and hit the ground running with your YouTube channel, keep the following tips in mind so that you can gain more views and subscribers right from the beginning: 

Tip #1: Pay close attention to your channel banner

YouTube channel banners, in essence, act as your advertising billboard that stops any user scrolling through their search results and redirects them to your page in a matter of seconds. When done right, your channel banner alone can act as a subscriber and view magnet that tells every user exactly what your channel and content are all about. Here are a few ideas that you’ll have to communicate with a channel banner to ensure that it’s as effective as possible: 

  • Tell what your YouTube channel is all about
  • Tell why you started your channel and made videos
  • Tell why a viewer should trust the content that you produce 

Tip #2: Create a style guide that you can follow for consistency

Nothing can possibly repel a YouTube viewer more than a channel that is cluttered in terms of branding, design, and overall execution—even if it means mixing the fonts up. With a proper style guide, you can make your YouTube channel, videos, and thumbnails much more attractive options in the eyes of the platform’s users. If you have no clue as to how you can create your style guide, start by defining your channel’s overall branding, tone, fonts, colors, logos, and brand images.

Tip #3: Create more opportunities to engage with your audience

Whether it may be through a simple “let us know in the comments below” or a YouTube poll, there are several ways to engage with your audience fully. By properly engaging with your viewers, you automatically give them a reason to watch your video from start to end and subscribe to your channel. It is also worth noting that continuous engagement is vital for higher rates of audience retention. This is why you have to make sure that you maximize your opportunities to engage with your viewers! 

As 2019 comes to a close, it is vital to create a plan for your YouTube channel and content that can help with achieving more views and subscribers so that you can start 2020 off right. By applying the three tips mentioned above into your upcoming YouTube strategy, all you’ll have to worry about is keeping your lead ahead of the competition!

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8 Effective Ways to Boost & Increase Your YouTube Subscribers

We are now in the digital age where social media plays a vital role in the lives of every generation, be it the baby boomers, Generation X, millennials, and even Generation Z. Basically, everybody relies on social media for education, entertainment, and social interactions. 

Facebook has spanned over different generations. Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter are so popular nowadays that it is also an excellent platform to advertise your business and personal interests. However, YouTube remains to be the top platform to watch billions of videos of a plethora of topics and genres, with production quality ranging from amateur to professional levels.

For you to build your YouTube subscriber base or count, here are a couple of tips and tricks:

1. Build your videos around a single keyword or topic

It is best to find a topic that you are knowledgeable or passionate about. This will ensure a steady flow of content from your end. As your subscriber base grows, creating content around these topics will assist in the spread of your videos online. 

2. Follow the YouTube Algorithm

There is an unwritten rule about YouTube that you should follow such as:

  • Having your videos reach a minimum of ten minutes
  • Family-friendly content should be maintained at all times for you to be monetized by YouTube
  • Make sure that there are no offensive materials

3. Create eye-catching thumbnails 

Having eye-catching thumbnails will help attract viewers to click on your video. Make sure to use a thumbnail that will stand out among a sea of similar content as yours. Also, make sure to create an interesting title together with your thumbnail.

4. Collaborate with other YouTubers

Collaborating with other YouTubers can increase your subscriber base as it will be exposed to different YouTube channels other than yours. In doing so, you are essentially casting a wider net, so to speak, to get more subscribers.

5. Use other social media platform to promote your channel

Prominent social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, can help in getting your channel out to a broader audience. As such, you are not limiting your content to a single site. 

6. Ask for subscriptions anytime in your videos

One surefire way to know that your videos are engaging is when you have several followers or subscribers. Therefore, always push for subscriptions, likes, and comments on all your videos for them to be notified if you have uploaded new content on your channel.

7. Have a consistent upload schedule

Having a consistent upload schedule will help your subscribers to anticipate your new videos. Try to upload new content at least once per week because consistency is vital. It will be best if you post at a uniform time each week. And make sure that your subscribers know your schedule and keep it.

8. Build a rapport with your audience

Make sure to engage with your audience. The more your audience feels that you are connecting with them, the higher your chances of increasing the growth of your YouTube subscribers. Do not forget to like and reply to their comments.  

The above tips are general ways to increase the number of your YouTube subscribers. However, what worked (or works) for someone may not always be effective for you, so keep exploring your options and experiment. Remember to stay true to your brand and never forget why you created your channel in the first place. Building something valuable takes a lot of time, perseverance, effort, passion, and a long-term commitment. Eventually, with patience and determination, you will reap the fruits of your labour.

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Our Guide to 3 Youtube Search Optimization Strategies You Should Know

Whether they’re looking for an instructional video of how to change a tire or a compilation of cute cat clips, the first place people head is YouTube. There’s no doubt that this platform is powerful, especially in this day and age where the average viewing time of video content has never been higher!

Businesses all around the world have caught wind of the video trend and tweaked their marketing strategies in accordance. If you’re one of them, perhaps you’re looking to get more views and drive more conversions by optimizing your page. 

SEO isn’t just for Google. After all, YouTube is a search engine too! Given the 2 billion monthly users and 5 billion videos watched per day, it’s clear that you have to ensure your video is seen by the right people. YouTube success is often put in terms of subscribers and views. Yet, even your subscribers may forget the name of your channel. Most people look for what they need using the search bar and a keyword. In order for your videos to be watched, you need to optimize your page and make it easier for people to find you.

Here are three YouTube search optimization strategies that you’re sure to benefit from:

1. Make sure your thumbnails are attention-grabbing 

Before your prospective viewers watch a single second of your video, they’ll decide whether it’s worth their time by glancing at the thumbnail. Think of a video’s thumbnail like a book cover: it’s what gets people intrigued enough to click through and start watching. Therefore, it not only has to be attention-grabbing but also visually pleasing. 

A great thumbnail can be a game-changer in your number of viewers. Before you start creating a thumbnail for your newest video, however, make sure you understand the marketing psychology at play. People are drawn to thumbnails with people pictured. That said, the image you put on your thumbnail has to be relevant to your video. Sure, a cute picture of your dog may catch someone’s eye, but you won’t be getting many interested viewers if your video is a sewing tutorial. 

2. Create End Screens for every video

End Screens may not seem to be that important, but you’d be surprised at the impact they can make. End Screens are the perfect opportunity to include important keywords and point viewers to other videos they may be interested in. There’s no doubt that it will help you in terms of driving traffic and ranking better. Consider Cards as well—they can be inserted at any point during your video and make it more engaging. Use it to add value to your content—your viewers will appreciate it!

3. Advertise the video you want to be viewed on your site and social media pages

The last thing to remember is that improving your YouTube views doesn’t end on this platform. Chances are that you have accounts on other platforms too—Facebook, Twitter, and maybe even Snapchat. Advertise your videos on these social media platforms and make sure they’re embedded on your website as well. That said, don’t overwhelm viewers with all the videos you’ve ever created. Highlight one video at a time. Not only is this more user-friendly, but it’s search engine-friendly. Google, for instance, has crawlers that stop after it’s picked up the first video. Allow it to acknowledge the one you want viewers to see!

Youtube search optimization doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it’s quite easy once you get the hang of it. With the above tips, you’ll be on your way to succeeding on this platform. Results will take time, but remember—in the world of SEO, consistency is key!

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Should You Still Buy YouTube Views? – Video Marketing 101

As 2019 comes to a close, it’s easy to assume that this year alone was a milestone for technology, digital media marketing, and social media. For the first ten months of the year, everything related to the world wide web garnered headline status at one point or another. 

From news of Facebook’s own try at starting a digital currency to TikTok rising up the ranks and amassing more than a billion users, there’s no denying that this is the year of social media. While key practices, social media strategies, and trends come and go, there’s one particular practice that has considerably maintained the buzz and controversy surrounding it for years: buying YouTube views.

Now, it may seem like reading those three words alone may be enough to cause any suspicion over a lack of authenticity. However, buying YouTube views is not illegal at all, and it has actually been used by some of the world’s top brands and personalities to get ahead of the pack. 

Although it may be often compared to buying likes or followers, there’s a certain aspect of purchasing YouTube views that sort of sets it apart in a way that puts the practice in a moral high ground. With social media and the YouTube platform gaining a more competitive atmosphere every month, however, every opportunity to gain an advantage over the competition is as valuable as ever. 

For digital marketers and brands seeking to make the most out of YouTube’s potential, you might be wondering: Should you buy YouTube views in 2019 and all the years to come?

To better understand why buying YouTube views may be beneficial for achieving your goals and how it isn’t as bad as it may seem, let’s delve deeper into it. 

First of all, why are YouTube views so important?

If likes are the currency of Instagram and retweets are Twitter’s medium of exchange, views are what makes the world of YouTube go round. It just goes to show how important they are. With YouTube consistently being heralded as one of the most influential marketing platforms, it makes perfect sense that getting as many views as possible for any video is essential for success. 

As opposed to Google and Facebook, YouTube’s views maintain a more direct relationship with exposure because of the rather simple equation it runs on: more views equal more exposure. More exposure equates to more success. 

The main idea for YouTube success is best summarized in the common belief that a video with a few dozen views is much better than none. Having a higher amount of views right away allows your content to hit the ground running, essentially establishing a strong rapport with every viewer for more successful results. 

Well, should you buy YouTube views or not?

Yes, you should buy YouTube views if you want to give your content a headstart for gaining traction, but be careful not to rely on it for success. 

The most practical way to obtain as many views as possible on YouTube is to buy them, especially if you’re a fairly new channel with a little-to-zero subscriber count. In regards to how many views you can get, the possibilities are practically limitless as there are different packages that have varying amounts of offered views. 

It is essential to remember, however, that the practice of buying YouTube views is best used as a short-term strategy to establish your channel and content properly in a tight timeframe. Maximizing the potential of buying YouTube views entails pairing it with other effective marketing practices such as on-point content creation, guest invites, and the like. Purchasing YouTube views makes it possible to get optimal results in the shortest time and gives the necessary nudge your content needs to go viral. 

Thanks to greater awareness and an enhanced level of open-mindedness in 2019, buying YouTube views has come far from being a taboo topic to establishing itself as a key video marketing strategy. 

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