5 Tips for New YouTubers to Earn Their First Few Subscribers – What to Know

When you’re starting a YouTube channel for the first time, you might feel like you deserve a hundred, maybe a thousand, perhaps a million subscribers within the first few weeks. Despite your best efforts, however, you seem to be settling around one or two subscribes and staying there.

If you want to know how you can boost your chances of landing new subscribers to your channel, we’ve listed down five different tips in this article to help you do just that!

1. Focus on an audience

One of the most common problems newcomers face on YouTube regarding content creation is that they believe any content will do. They do so to satisfy the broadest range of audiences, thinking that this is the way to capture potential subscribers.

While that may net a few subscribers, it isn’t the best road to go in the long term. Know that by attempting to satisfy everyone, you actually end up pleasing no one at all. With that said, figure out which group of audience you want to cater to. Are you providing to a group of tech enthusiasts, are you focusing on the younger generation of people? Whatever content you make, it must interest them. Narrow down which group you want to focus on, figure out what interests them, and start revolving your content around it.

2. Add to your “About” section

While it may be tempting to ignore the about section of your profile, know that it is one of those sections that you must think about!

The “about” section in your profile is what will differentiate you from the other thousands upon thousands of content creators on YouTube. Tell your potential subscribers why you’re uploading videos, and why they should be subscribing to your channel. Don’t forget to implement keywords that are relevant to what you do as well. That way, you have a higher chance of being found when someone queries for something that you do.

3. Create interesting thumbnails

Similar to how images help attract people on e-commerce websites to certain products, the thumbnails on your videos will do the same. It is like a movie poster of what your video is about, a quick summary, and an eye-catcher. 

Even if you have produced the most informative content in the most exciting way, a boring thumbnail will drive away attention. For that reason, ensure that the thumbnail you put on your video is entertaining, engaging, and will entice them to click on it. Also, ensure that your thumbnails are bright, crisp, and attractive. By sticking to these three characteristics, you increase your chances of getting someone to click on one of your videos.

4. Follow a schedule

Sometimes, you might feel that YouTube is lenient in terms of when you should be uploading videos, let alone how much. While that may be true to a certain extent, know that you need to stick to a schedule if you want to experience growth.

Create a schedule to upload videos on YouTube consistently. That way, you can keep your channel growing, providing more and more videos to your audience. Let your viewers know about your upload schedule as well. When they know when and how many videos they’ll be getting, they’ll more likely subscribe to your channel.

5. Ask and remind them to subscribe

Sometimes, a viewer may legitimately like your videos, yet, it never occurred that they should subscribe to your channel. Because of this, you need to make sure that in every video, ask at the beginning of the end for them to consider subscribing for more similar content.

While YouTube is a tough place to find success, it isn’t anywhere near impossible. Set small goals and put the needed work into your channel. That way, your small achievements will motivate you to work harder and better, slowly growing your channel from 10, 100, 1000, and perhaps, a million subscribers! That said, remember the tips mentioned above and apply them to your efforts so that you will start your YouTube channel on the right foot!

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3 Ways to Generate Loyal Subscribers on YouTube – What to Know

The keys to achieving success on YouTube typically range from high-quality content to cross-posting promotions on other social media platforms. Out of all the different ways to establish your YouTube channel and successfully put your content on the map, however, actively converting subscribers has been proven to be especially effective.

It is known that subscribers are the main force that determines the future of any YouTube content creator and their ability to achieve a certain level of success. Without subscribers, you’re essentially rendering your efforts in creating high-quality content futile. In the end, there’s no point in creating an amazing video if there’s no one to watch it and await what’s coming next. 

If you haven’t been making the right moves recently to actively convert your YouTube subscribers into loyal followers, know that you’re missing out on an abundance of opportunities and profit. With the power of loyal subscribers, YouTube channels across all niches have been able to find long-term success without needing outlandish budgets or desperation. Over the years, the effects of having loyal subscribers have become especially prominent as various channels have been able to maintain their position at the top (like PewDiePie or Jeffree Star).

Effective ways to generate loyal subscribers

Should you find yourself needing a quick channel revamp or are keen on harnessing the effects of loyal subscribers, here are three simple, yet effective steps to practice: 

  1. Make your content worth watching and waiting for

As obvious as it may seem, high-quality content that keeps viewers and subscribers coming back for more is definitely the way to generate loyal subscribers. The secret blend for success with YouTube content entails having to merge value and engagement to benefit any subscriber or casual viewer. 

Over time, the amount of high-quality content that you put out will eventually convert viewers into loyal subscribers that are ready to take their viewership to the next level by buying anything you offer. If you’re unaware of how you can make your content worth watching, then it’s best to study your audience, what they look for, and what problems they’re looking to solve. 

  1. Focus on your niche

One common yet crucial mistake that most content creators make when creating their content is that they take an “anythingandeverything” approach. YouTube users don’t simply go on the platform and watch videos to learn about anything and everything in general. They go on the platform in hopes of finding something that suits their interests particularly well. When choosing a niche, it’s best to go for a category that users actively search for and one that you’re passionate about as well!

  1. Release content consistently

Keep in mind that consistency is key when it comes to achieving success on YouTube and converting casual viewers into loyal subscribers. YouTube users, in particular, are very particular about the consistency of a channel’s output frequency. For example, a channel that puts out videos once a week is far more likely to succeed and convert subscribers than a page that doesn’t have a set content upload schedule. If the demands of weekly uploads are a bit too much for what you can handle at the moment, then you can opt to go for a bi-weekly or monthly schedule! 

Having loyal subscribers is a level that every YouTube content creator wishes to achieve but is often much easier said than done. By following the three tips mentioned in this guide, you can put your channel and content in the right direction towards converting subscribers! 

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How to Gain More YouTube Subscribers – Our Guide

With a seventh of the world’s population actively watching content on it every day, YouTube has established itself as one of the most dominant forces in modern social and digital media. That said, it’s easy to see why businesses and agencies are scrambling to push their content and maximize their audience through YouTube. 

As YouTube continues to grow in size, however, so do the possibilities that any channel owner can capitalize on it. YouTube channel owners have a whole lot more ways of capturing the attention of the platform’s users and growing an audience than ever before. Out of all the different metrics and methods that you’ll have to deal with, gaining more YouTube subscribers has proven to be especially important nowadays. 

Gaining as many subscribers as possible has become the solution for achieving an audience that will easily stay around for the long term. With the impact of subscriptions being greater than ever, it’s easy to see why subscribers are seen as a valuable resource on YouTube. Attracting YouTube users to subscribe to your channel is one of the most sustainable ways to boost video views and grow an audience that will continuously watch, engage with, and share your content. 

What’s so special about earning YouTube subscribers?

YouTube subscribers hold an unparalleled significance because they contribute greatly towards the overall success as a feed just by using the platform as they normally do. A subscription, in particular, is the modern proof of loyalty that anyone has to a creator’s content, which usually manifests by word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing and constant sharing. 

Aside from being able to get the word out about your content, subscribers are also immensely valuable because they signify how high the quality of your content is. The higher your subscriber count is, the more likely a YouTube user is bound to follow your channel and consume your content.

On gaining more YouTube subscribers

Admittedly, amassing a significant amount of subscribers for your YouTube channel is a whole lot easier than it sounds. Even so, it is pretty much possible to increase the number of your subscribers. Here are some tips:

  1. Be consistent

If there’s one characteristic that YouTube users seek the most when looking for channels to subscribe to, it’s consistency. Consistency acts as a certain gold standard that tells users all they need to know about your channel, such as the amount of effort you’re willing to put in and how dedicated you are to providing a great viewer experience. Try to start posting weekly or bi-weekly on a consistent basis and work up from there. 

  1. Learn how to collaborate

Another aspect of YouTube content that most users tend to look forward to are collaborations between key figures in various niches on the platform. Seeing the word “collaboration,” “with,” or “featuring” is more than enough to tell a YouTube user that you’re a channel worth subscribing to because collaborations are a sign of credibility and recognition. For collaborations, you may want to start small with other YouTube channels that are a notch above you so that your chances of rejection are far less, and neither one of you will be overshadowing the other. 

  1. Prompt wisely

Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe” is an all-too-common phrase that every user hears at the start or end of every video that they watch. However, little do they know that those prompts are responsible for a chunk of YouTube subscriptions. Telling any viewer to subscribe to your channel in the least pushy manner while giving them a reason to click the button is a great way to reel in more subscribers by the day. 

Final words

Nothing could possibly look more appealing to a YouTube channel owner or content creator than a list of subscribers that continues to grow day by day. If you want to up your YouTube game in order to gain more loyal subscribers who make the task of creating content so much more worth it, then try these tips above! 

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Here’s Why You’ve Been Losing YouTube Subscribers – What to Know

One of the biggest nightmares that any YouTube channel owner or content creator could possibly have is to see their subscriber count drop suddenly out of nowhere.

If you’ve noticed a recent drop in your YouTube channel’s total subscriber count, the chances are that you’re probably asking all sorts of whys and hows—especially when you’ve worked so hard to cultivate your following. Admittedly, it can be easy to panic and overthink when you suddenly get a message in your creator studio that tells you about a part of your subscriber count being deleted. There’s no need to worry, however, because there are a few possible explanations behind why you lost a few subscribers out of nowhere.

Aside from yourself, hundreds of thousands of content creators have also been affected and are worrying about the sudden drop in their subscriber count right now. At first, it might seem like a content-related problem that falls along the lines of immorality and the like, but even the most PG-rated of channels are facing the same problem as well. 

Why you’re losing subscribers in the first place

Recently, you might have gotten another message as well that talks about how YouTube “regularly verifies the legitimacy of accounts and actions on your channel.” This is the foremost reason behind the sudden decrease. The widespread drop in subscribers around the world can mainly be traced to YouTube’s undertaking of round-the-clock legitimacy verification and the fact that it affects every channel in existence. 

The measure is the platform’s own version of channel auditing. If you’ve experienced a sudden decrease recently, note that this isn’t an isolated case. In fact, YouTube does its channel auditing every day. While there may be various instances of channel auditing in action, the most famous example is the “Pewdiepie vs. T-Series subscriber race,” wherein each channel would lose subscribers nearly every second. 

Another culprit of subscriber loss

In addition to the daily auditing that YouTube does across its entire platform, it also runs a major purge of subscribers that aren’t verified as legitimate profiles every three to four months. That’s because of the presence of spam accounts, which the platform aims to eradicate totally. 

This massive purge indiscriminately affects YouTube’s every channel on the platform, regardless of whether it has less than 500 subscribers or eight million of them. Most, if not all, of the terminated channels, have been removed due to any of the following factors: 

  • Policy violations
  • Artificially-purchased in nature (or purchased subscribers)
  • Inactivity
  • Closure over preference (or a user closing the channel out of their own free will)

Final words

Any channel can lose a significant percentage of subscribers for reasons beyond its control. A drop in subscribers may inadvertently cause you to reconsider your content or overthink what you possibly could have done wrong. Nonetheless, losing subscribers out of the blue is a part of everyday life as a content creator, but the best that you can do is to stay on track towards getting even more channels to follow your content organically. 

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How YouTube Count Views of Videos Online – What to Know

PSY’s “Gangnam Style,” Pinkfong’s “Baby Shark Dance,” and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk”— aside from being immensely-catchy and reminiscent of Christmas party dance numbers, these songs also hold the prestige of having billions of views on YouTube. 

A billion views may seem nothing short of impossible. Even the trending video on your YouTube feed right now may have at least a few million within only a few days of posting. Even so, taking a closer look at any trending or highly viewed video suggests that any type of content can earn millions of views.

Given that possibility, you might be wondering: How does YouTube count views in the first place? 

With billions of viewers watching videos on YouTube at any given point in time, it can be quite mind-boggling to think about the information overload that the platform has to deal with every millisecond. What constitutes a single count, and how all this information is accurately reflected? 

What counts as a view on YouTube?

Looking at the technical sense of the term, views are defined as “a viewer-initiated intended play of a YouTube video that’s been despammed,” according to the platform’s official definition of the term. What this means is that views take place when a video that doesn’t have any viruses in it is selected and watched by a computer, which constitutes one play or view. 

During the uploading process, YouTube’s own systems run a despamming process wherein a video is scanned for any security threats and potential malware or viruses. The screening process also aims to remove any threats from the uploaded file, ensuring its quality, safety, and security for general public consumption. Once a video is found to be free of any malware or viruses, it is then uploaded and made available for viewing. 

If someone who views my video refreshes their browser window, does that count as a view?

Not quite. While refreshing used to add numbers to a video’s view counter in previous years, YouTube has become much more strict due to the platform’s monetization program. Refreshing a video as a means to get more views is what YouTube calls an “artificial view,” so it has been discounted in the tallying process. 

How are artificial views spotted?

YouTube’s algorithm classifies between natural and artificial views by identifying key details, such as reloaded videos, website autoplay status, and the presence of malware and viruses.

If a view falls under any of the aforementioned classifications, then YouTube determines it as artificial and doesn’t add it to your video’s total view count.

Knowing what constitutes a YouTube view and what doesn’t is a valuable piece of knowledge that you can use to ensure the effectivity of your digital marketing efforts via the platform. As YouTube discounts the artificial views, you can be assured that the view count you get is valid.

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