How Will The COVID-19 Pandemic Affect YouTube and YouTubers?

Never did the world expect something as deadly as the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) to sweep through it. While many people are losing their lives to the virus and families are grieving, its effect on businesses cannot be ignored. The video-sharing platform YouTube isn’t going to be out of its shackles too.

Coronavirus is a keyword that’s searched on YouTube in large volumes

Lets’ face it: anything related to the pandemic, be it tackling mechanisms or number of people affected, is changing almost every minute. It is one of the biggest and most significant news to have hit the world in the present-day digital age. Billions of lives are at stake, and healthcare organizations around the world are bracing for even more dire situations. In such a context, anyone using YouTube to upload videos needs to be more responsible than ever.

Currently, hundreds of thousands of people are typing in one word in YouTube’s search bar—Coronavirus or Covid-19. Why shouldn’t that be? Everyone wants to know more about the virus, the latest news related to vaccinations and medications, and probably real-life stories of those affected. YouTube creators have now found a trend that’s going to thrive for some time and have been proactive in creating relevant content. They have managed to blend it well with SEO, as a huge audience is now looking for content on this keyword.

YouTube has grown to be a massive search engine, one that’s quite popular after Google too. The platform is always striving to accurately predict what users are searching for. Then they serve up relevant content that they wish to watch. As we know very well, whenever we type keywords in YouTube’s search bar, the platform will auto-complete the search term with some predicted searches. If we type “how to”, a few of the top search result show content like “how to make hand sanitizer”, “how to prevent the spread of coronavirus,” “how to stay safe from Covid-19,” etc. along with some other searches related to the pandemic.

One critical thing that should ideally happen at the mention of Coronavirus in a particular video is that the platform will show info panels and cards that are relevant to the user’s location that push them to trustworthy information. Since the accuracy of information is crucial during these times, YouTube is trying and staying on the right side of the topic. This measure is also promoting various authoritative sources in the platform’s search and video recommendations and displaying information panels on relevant videos.

Monetization and video removals

Now, YouTube is allowing various COVID-19-related videos to be monetized on some channels. The platform already has out comprehensive advertiser guidelines in place to lay down the type of video content that may have no or limited ads. Also, the platform has warned it expansive creator community that removal of videos would increase during the pandemic. Their systems reckon upon a blend of technology that follows human review. But since in-office has drastically reduced owing to the crisis, there will be automated systems removing some YouTube videos without passing them through a human review.

YouTube believes that allowing its machine learning technology to remove videos without human intervention will allow the platform to be quick in taking actions to prevent potential violations, as well as to keep the entire video ecosystem protected. However, the process of removing videos may land up removing content where there’s no violation of YouTube policy. When that happens, YouTubers will have to appeal to the platform’s moderators to look into the video and reach a consensus. In addition to this, the platform says it will maintain caution as to which content gets promoted on it. Live streams are most likely to be affected by this. Some content that aren’t reviewed by humans may not show up either in search, on YouTube’s homepage, or the recommendations section.

At this unsettling time, everyone is feeling the impact in their own way. Youtube’ primary goal is to provide information in a responsible way. As everyone else they are also trying their best to support the Youtube community. The gradual monetization of Coronavirus videos and policies are undertaken for staff safety are some of the ways that they are trying to fight the ongoing crisis.

Maximizing Your YouTube Marketing Results

YouTube is increasingly becoming a popular platform for businesses to market their brand. With YouTube being the second largest search engine after Google, it makes sense for you to invest in YouTube marketing for your business. With so many videos being uploaded to YouTube every minute, the competition on the platform is intense. If you want to stand out from your competition, here are some pointers on what you can do to maximize your YouTube marketing results.

Create great content

You can’t hope to build your brand without making great videos. Your videos should capture your audience’s attention and offer them value. Identify your target audience and create videos that can help to address the needs of your target audience. The type of videos that usually gain popularity on YouTube include tutorials, interviews with experts, Q&As, product reviews, and challenges, to name a few. Make videos that are compelling and helpful to your target audience.

Make your videos easily accessible

If you want to make your videos more popular, optimize them for search engines by focusing on these main areas:

  • You need a captivating title where the keywords you’re targeting appear at the beginning of your title so that they show up in search engines.
  • You must have a description that includes necessary keywords and gets people interested in wanting to watch the video.
  • Make sure the tags section mentions all keywords.

Focus on branding

Focus on branding your YouTube channel so that your viewers get a full-fledged experience when they watch your videos.

  • Customize your background to create a distinct look for your channel and choose colors that represent your brand.
  • Select Player View so that your featured video auto-plays when someone visits your channel, increasing the number of YouTube views you get, thereby impacting your visibility.
  • Make a playlist of your most popular videos or videos showcasing your products and services so that they appear to the right column of your channel when viewers watch your videos.

Make use of annotations

With annotations, you can embed links that serve as clickable calls to action. These may include links to other videos or playlists on your channel, or even present your viewers with the option of subscribing to your channel. They’re also effective if a video on your channel has outdated information. You won’t have to delete the old video and have it go to waste. You can just make a new video with the updated information and include an annotation that directs your viewers to the updated video with correct information.

Post a bulletin for your subscribers

You’ll find the Post Bulletin tab on top of your channel, using which you can make a bulletin and include a link to a video that’ll show up on the home pages of your subscribers. This way, you get to direct traffic to your video and get more views for it.

Make use of YouTube ads

There are many different types of ads that you can benefit from on YouTube. You can bid on keywords for YouTube ads similar to Google’s pay per click basis for ads, and once your video is submitted as a promoted video, you can run CTA (call to action) ads that allow clicking from a video directly to a website.

Promote your content on other social media platforms

To increase the reach of your video, take advantage of every social media platform you’re on, and promote your content there. Share it on Facebook, post about it on Instagram, tweet about it, or even write a blog post about it. You’ll be able to direct people from your other social media platforms to YouTube and extend your video’s reach.

Learn from YouTube analytics

You want to ensure that your efforts are paying off. Analyze data drawn from YouTube Insights to identify what’s working and what isn’t so that you can make the needed changes to your YouTube marketing strategy.

In conclusion

With the help of these above-mentioned marketing strategies, you can ensure that your YouTube videos obtain a widespread reach. You must remember to stay consistent in your efforts to see the best results.

What are the Most Common Types of YouTube Videos?

Did you know that about 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day? In the digital age we live in today, online video streaming has become more or less synonymous with YouTube, which is why so many influence-rs and content creators have chosen it as their main platform.

With so many options available, which types of videos are the most popular and get the most views on YouTube? Let’s find out.

Product reviews

Before making purchases of new products they haven’t tried before, consumers want to see if it is worth their money. So, they go online to check reviews from people who have used the products, and what better way to check out reviews than with videos where you can see the product in 3D? Besides, consumers trust reviews from influencers and YouTubers with credibility, which means that these product review videos influence purchasing decisions.


These are extremely popular, especially for make-up artists and beauty influencers, crafts and DIY channels, cooking channels, etc. These types of videos show viewers how to do something on their own, be it applying make-up, styling their hair, cooking a dish, creating their own DIYs, or simple life hacks. Such videos are consumed by viewers of all age groups, and they are the perfect combination of informative, value, and practicality, making them a favorite among viewers.


Why do so many YouTubers create their videos following the Vlog style? Mostly because viewers can’t seem to get enough of them because of their authenticity and rawness. A vlog is like an online diary in a video format, where the YouTuber shares what their day is like without following any script. It’s a great way to show viewers the real you and give them a chance to connect with you.

Vlogs are so popular that there are some influencers that even have a dedicated vlogging channel apart from their main channel.

Video games

Gaming channels are extremely popular on YouTube, and the influencer with the most number of subscribers, that is PewDiePie, is also a gaming channel. The video-sharing platform has plenty of gamers who upload different types of gaming videos such as video game walkthroughs, commentaries, review newly-released games, etc.

Gaming video makers have plenty of opportunities to engage and interact with their fans and supporters, including live gaming sessions, which is why so many gaming channels have so many subscribers.

Comedy sketches/skits

Many famous YouTubers which have now become more or less household names started out with comedy sketches and skits. These include Ryan Higa, Lilly Singh AKA Superwoman, Liza Koshy, etc. This alone speaks volumes on how much viewers love these types of videos.

What’s there not to love after all? They are funny, entertaining, often relatable and engaging, and just short enough not to be boring.


Hauls are exactly what they sound like. It’s a type of video, where you, the influencer, shares a bunch of products you have purchased, such as clothes, shoes, make-up, skincare products, etc. and tries them on or show them in detail to your viewers. They are great formats for influencers who have partnered with a certain brand and are trying to showcase and highlight the products of that brand in the video.

Challenge videos

No influencer can stay away from the many online challenges such as the Try Not to Laugh Challenge, Highlighter challenge, Reading People’s Assumptions About Me Challenge, Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag, etc. These are trendy and a great way to attract views and new subscribers.

If you are thinking of video ideas for your YouTube channel, these are some great content formats you can get behind.

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