Here’s What You Should Know About Buying YouTube Views

Why views matter

Any savvy marketer leveraging YouTube for video marketing will know the importance of getting views. They strive to get YouTube views because these are not just mere numbers but a crucial representation of the success of their efforts.

The number of views is seen to be directly influencing the number of subscribers a YouTube channel gets. So, more views means greater trust and hence more subscription. Getting real subscribers on YouTube will require marketers to focus on getting as many views for their videos as possible.

Not to forget, the number of views a video has also determines its rank on video search results. People are more likely to watch a video that ranks well on SERPs. It’s extremely important to note that Google, the largest search engine, certainly considers the number of views a video gets to determine its ranking.

However, getting more views is not something that marketers on YouTube can do very easily. It takes a lot of effort and creativity to draw more views, and ultimately, more subscribers. The good thing now is that Google allows marketers to buy views for their YouTube videos—something that can truly make a difference in a brand’s online success.

Benefits of buying YouTube views

The feasibility of buying YouTube views will depend on whether a brand marketer is a good candidate or not. But social acceptability is one major benefit of buying YouTube views. To succeed in a competitive digital space, social proof or social license of acceptability is a must-have for brand marketers. Getting more number of views increases the engagement level of channels. It’s possible that people will ignore the post initially, but as the videos get more and more views, they get the much-needed social validation. It builds people’s trust and encourages them to join and subscribe to the channel.

Buying YouTube views is seen to boost the social credibility of brands—something that makes their ads more trustworthy and reputable. To stretch advertising dollars, brands should consider buying views just like they would pay for Facebook and Instagram ads. They should channelize funds towards promoting YouTube videos and other types of content to generate awareness and increase reach. With an increase in the visibility of the channel comes the surety of more views and more subscribers.

Real quick success on YouTube will come only when brands start to buy views. As mentioned earlier, buying YouTube views increases the likelihood of a better ranking on search. Different niches compete differently on YouTube, but buying YouTube views can give brands an edge over their competitors and rank well among videos of their niche.

Buying YouTube views also proves beneficial while kick-starting any video campaign. It is an excellent way to accelerate YouTube advertising. When done properly, buying YouTube views can result in an increase in the popularity of the campaign sooner than expected. Brand marketers can first start with a few thousand views and eventually scale up to attract more subscribers.

For brand marketers to participate in internet marketing campaigns, it’s important for them to have a minimum number of views as an eligibility criterion. The best way to meet this requirement is to buy YouTube views. As a result of the investment, brands will be in a stronger position to amplify their internet marketing efforts.


So, buying YouTube views comes forward as the easiest and fastest way to increase subscribers and establish the brand strongly in the online space. YouTube users prefer to check out videos that are thousands, as opposed to hundreds, of views. This clearly reflects the inclination of an increasing number of brand marketers to buy views and up their game on the video-streaming platform.

How Adding Transcripts to Your YouTube Video Will Increase Your Subscriber Count

YouTube is no longer a website used for entertainment purposes only. It is the second-largest search engine in the world, offering a wide range of opportunities for its users. For YouTubers getting many anonymous views on their content is not enough. They need to build a large community of loyal subscribers and are always on the lookout to increase their YouTube subscriber count. Did you know adding transcripts to your videos can help you in this regard?

Adding a transcript to your YouTube video is an easy way of creating captions. It is a collection of everything that is being said in the video and offers numerous benefits to both the YouTubers and their viewers like:

Increases reachability

Adding written text in the form of a transcript will help you to reach a wide audience. By providing written supplements to your content, you will make it possible for those with hearing disabilities to access and understand your videos. As more and more people will contact your channel, the greater the chance would be that your subscribers will increase.

Increases understandability

There are many instances when viewers watch your video but always miss out on something or don’t understand a particular word correctly. They either rewind your videos, again and again, to catch what they have missed, or they might ignore it. You can solve this problem by adding a transcript to your video. So, when the viewers face any issue while watching your content, all they will have to do is check out the transcript. This will enhance their watching experience, and there will be a greater probability of them tapping the subscribe button.

Increases Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

All the people who create and sell content online know how important SEO is. For YouTubers, getting high SEO rankings can be a little difficult as search engines cannot watch videos. So, in this case, again, adding transcripts can solve all your problems! Although search engines can’t go through your videos, they can definitely read the text that you add along with the videos. Therefore, if you’ll add a written text of everything that is being said, search engines will be able to find you and enable your video to reach unique visitors.

Enhance user experience

Apart from increasing understandability, adding transcripts to videos can help people understand and watch your video even in situations where audio is not available. For instance, a viewer is in his college canteen and forgot his headphones at home. Reading the transcript will make up for the loss of audio, and you will also not lose a potential subscriber.

Access a global audience

Today, the world is a global village. Geographical boundaries no longer restrict people from accessing information and other resources from the other end of the world. In such a case, YouTube, being the second largest search engine in the world, is a platform for people coming from a variety of backgrounds. Many people might be interested in watching your content but may not speak the same tongue as you do. This might make them lose their interest. To attract and retain them, you can add transcripts to your YouTube videos. This is usually the first step that is undertaken when subtitles are created in foreign languages. Adding transcripts will ease the translation process and also increase SEO. Once again, you will be able to reach a wider audience and thus, increase your subscriber count.

Overall, adding a transcript to your YouTube videos can go a long way in attracting and retaining subscribers to your channel.

7 Tips to Building a Cartoon Channel on YouTube That Will Be Universally Loved

The recent rise in social media means that people with artistic ability have a much better platform to make a mark on than ever before. The meteoric rise in Youtube video consumption means that its content is accessible to a wide variety of audiences. This includes children too. Youtube animation might look like a goldmine for the opportunity for making an easy living animating and illustrating, but this is not the case.

In recent years the quality of Cartoon Channels has gone up astronomically too, and it has become tougher to carve a niche for yourself. The best part about the audience is that animation quality does not matter as much as the skit’s storytelling and script. Thus people who think they are not the best illustrators can use this to their advantage.

Here are Seven Tips To Building A Lovable Cartoon Channel

1. Start

People often spend a lot of time with wishful thinking, but that kind of thinking will get you nowhere. It is imperative that you at least start somewhere so that you can make changes to your plan as and when needed. Trial and Error will go a long way before anything else.

2. Upload Times

Upload times must cater to the activity of users locally first. There is no point appealing to a foreign audience before you even have a local base. This is especially true for third world countries as the local subscribers and users alone can make your content viral.

Use the data analytics provided by YouTube and find a time that works for you. The algorithm keeps changing, so knowing the best practices would help too.

3. It Won’t Be Perfect

The first few months or years are going to be rough. One should take into account that their first product would be far from perfect. With this in mind, you will definitely be able to move forward and closer to the vision you have in mind.

Striving for perfection is a good trait, but don’t let it sabotage your whole operation.

4. Diversify your Income

Don’t just depend on YouTube income alone. In short, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Keep your day job; capitalize on merch. Having consistent and recurring characters can help you in merchandising them. Which later can be monetized easily.

5. Engagement

It is good practice to comment or reply to your followers. Whether it be negative or positive, one must definitely respond to them. This is where brand image also comes into play. One must be polite and courteous while replying and try to avoid negativity. Even if the comments are mean or rude, make sure you reply diplomatically so that you don’t alienate your customers.

6. Collaboration

This is one of the things through which one can get recognition easily. If you are friends with other contemporaries, having one-off episodes or series can be interesting for the viewers. We see these kinds of collaborations always happening on comedy or music-related channels; why not do the same thing here.

Sometimes you can be the bigger channel, while sometimes the bigger channel can help. Remember, quality is always recognized irrespective of the subscribers. Make sure your work is on point and to the highest standards.

7. Long-term Planning

If you think you are going to come in and sweep the market with your videos and everyone is going to be in awe of you. Then you might be in for a shocker. Getting a YouTube following takes months or even years, and if you plan on quitting before putting in the elbow grease. Then you are already setting yourself up for failure. One viral video won’t make you a lifetime of earning, but it will be great for your channel.

Your Guide to Timestamps and Chapters on YouTube

So, you’ve just finished editing a 10-minute video for your YouTube channel. The video consists of several different sections touching on a wide variety of subjects, and you’re wondering what you can do to help viewers who may only be interested in one particular section. The answer lies in using timestamps and video chapters. In this guide, you’ll find out all about YouTube timestamps and chapters and what the differences are between the two. So, let’s get things rolling!

What are YouTube timestamps?

YouTube timestamps have been used for a long time by long-form video creators on YouTube. They are links to specific moments within a video that kick off a particular section.

For example, if you’re creating a tutorial video and addressing a number of problems, you can add timestamps for the different problems you’ll be touching on in the video. Timestamps can be added to the video’s description or as a comment.

So, imagine that you start talking about the first problem and the possible solutions from the 1-minute mark in your video. A timestamp for this section would look like ‘1:00’, which will appear as a blue-colored clickable link. Similarly, if you start discussing the second problem after two-and-a-half minutes, the timestamp would look like ‘2:30’. So these timestamps would appear in the comments or description (depending on where you want to place them) like this:

1:00 Problem 1
2:30 Problem 2

Remember to add titles to your timestamps as they will inform the viewers regarding the particular subject you’re talking about in your video at a particular time.

In this way, you can break down your entire videos into sections or chapters to cater to audiences who just want to view a portion of your video instead of the whole thing. Long-form videos with timestamps tend to fare much better than the ones that don’t feature them, simply because they enable viewers to find solutions efficiently without having to sit through the entire video.

What are YouTube chapters?

YouTube chapters work on the same principle that timestamps do, with the aim of making it easier for viewers to navigate to different chapters within a video. However, unlike timestamps that are typically included across the description and comment sections, chapters appear in the video progress bar when viewers hover their cursors over it.

So, your next question naturally would be, ‘how do I add YouTube chapters?’ Well, the best thing about the chapters feature is that YouTube adds chapters automatically based on the timestamps that you include in either the video description or comments section. However, for the feature to work, your first timestamp has to be 0:00. Also, videos with less than three timestamps won’t be able to enjoy this feature. So, preferably, have three or more timestamps with each timestamp covering a period of at least 10 seconds in the video.

Should the chapter feature be used for all types of videos?

The simple answer to this is no. Both YouTube timestamps and chapters are recommended for long-form video content, i.e., videos that are at least 10-minutes long. For videos that are 3 – 5 minutes long, timestamps and chapters aren’t really necessary, particularly if they deal with comedy, entertainment, or music. On the other hand, videos dealing with tutorials, politics, education, science, and technology tend to fare better with timestamps and chapters, as they are typically long.

Of course, the choice is yours as to whether or not you’d want to include timestamps and chapters. However, we recommend you to steer clear of them if your videos are generally short. Including timestamps and chapters in such YouTube videos will only go on to reduce watch time, which is a key performance indicator used by the YouTube algorithm to rank videos.

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