How Can Small Businesses Use YouTube in 2021?

Launched in 2005, YouTube has become the go-to social media network for video lovers. Over the years, the video-streaming platform has become the second-largest search engine, just a position shy of the top, which is held by its parent company Google. YouTube enjoys a user base of 2 billion people and sees hundreds of hours of videos getting uploaded to the platform every minute.

The rise of YouTube has given businesses of all nature and size the opportunity to leverage the power of video content in influencing people’s perception. Thousands of businesses—big or small—are opening YouTube channels to reach new markets and drive traffic to their websites.

Most small businesses may think starting a YouTube channel is a waste of time and money. But it’s extremely important for small business owners to understand that their presence on the platform can take their brand to new heights of success. The year 2020 hasn’t been good for anyone owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. But YouTube has certainly seen a rise in its global usage because that’s what people were relying on for entertainment and information.

This trend is likely to continue even in 2021. So, small businesses have to beef up their social marketing efforts by taking YouTube marketing seriously. Here are a few tips for them to follow in this regard:

Adding call-to-action(s)

A call-to-action (CTA) may seem like a minor addition but it can have a huge impact on the success of any video marketing campaign on YouTube. Most YouTubers believe that a CTA should be given at the end of the video content. But the reality is that people rarely sit through the entire video.

Small business owners who are using YouTube to promote their brand should understand that the first 15 seconds of their video content catch the most attention of people. As such, placing a CTA here would be ideal. It can be a free product demo or free downloadable resources. There can, however, be a strong CTA even at the end of the video, asking viewers to check out different products and services on the business’ website.

Creating relevant content

A TV commercial or a brand video on YouTube will certainly do well for small businesses. But it’s essential to focus on creating value through every piece of video content uploaded to the platform. Businesses can create testimonials, product videos and tutorials, but also add team videos and behind-the-scene videos to the mix.

The videos created by small businesses should be able to humanize the brand. Viewers should get to know the team behind the business and the entire narrative of the brand. It’s the brand stories that sell like hot cakes among digital consumers these days. So, YouTube videos of small businesses should have this element in a way that establishes their authority in their niche.

Focusing on transactional keywords

Lastly, small businesses should know that it is not always possible for them to come up with a collection of videos every month, given their time and budgetary constraints. But, at the same time, it’s crucial for them to get views. Achieving this objective is only possible when they create video content that’s of high quality and targets a specific market.

YouTube gives traffic to brands through three sources: search, home, and suggested videos. Small businesses should focus on getting search views for their video content because the other two sources are already cluttered. For this, they need to use low-competition, high-volume keywords. Transactional keywords can definitely increase the conversion rate of small businesses by indicating the intent of the searcher—be it to buy or to take an action soon.

The above are a few tips that small businesses can follow while doing YouTube marketing in 2021. As long as they have a well-planned, highly engaging video marketing strategy, they are sure to get the best results.

Employee Onboarding Videos You Should Consider Uploading to Your YouTube Channel

If you are a business owner wanting to attract and retain the best-of-best talent, you need to take employee onboarding very seriously. It’s hard for companies to retain employees, especially millennials because they are always looking for new opportunities. So, it’s only through a successful onboarding program that they will be able to retain new employees.

There are different ways to go about employee onboarding, but YouTube has emerged as an effective medium in recent times. Human resource managers can use the platform to upload impactful onboarding videos to showcase the company’s culture and operations. Onboarding videos can help them optimize the orientation process and inspire new recruits in a more meaningful way.

If you are considering YouTube for employee onboarding, then below are a few types of onboarding videos that can help you boost employee engagement and train new recruits:

Day-in-the-life onboarding videos

These types of onboarding videos can help you educate your new employees about various roles and responsibilities prevalent in the organization. They are quite dynamic in nature and feature a current employee taking new employees around the organization, introducing staff members across departments. They are a good way to show how various departments in the organization operate and interact authentically with each other. By viewing these videos, new employees can imagine themselves being a part of the setting and connect better with the company’s culture.

Corporate biographies

Corporate biography videos are a great way to put forward the organization’s real story—something that forges an emotional connection with new employees. These videos leverage a meaningful storytelling strategy that inspires, captivates, and engages new employees on a much deeper level. Usually, these videos feature the CEO or any top personnel of the company talking about the beliefs, history and culture that define it. You can surely upload these types of videos to YouTube to throw light on the mission and community of the organization.

Role-playing videos

These videos are ideal for educating new employees about various soft skills that are required to achieve excellence at work. These skills can be accepting feedback, managing tricky conversations, resolving conflicts between peers, and various company etiquettes. There are many situational problems that crop up within an organization, and role-playing videos are an excellent way to underscore them through short video clips. Through these videos, new recruits get to see the various types of interactions that they will have to have during their tenure in the company. Images, texts, and quizzes are also common inclusions in role-playing videos to boost employee engagement.

Screencast tutorials

Screencast tutorials are videos that either you or the HR manager of your company can upload to YouTube to provide easy-to-follow instructions to complete various tasks. These videos allow managers to come up with instructional content straight from their screens. They show new recruits how to use various software tools and computer programs in the company. The best part about these onboarding videos is that they are spot-on. There’s no beating about the bush in these videos and they get employees to get started instantly. These videos are great for self-paced learning because they can be paused and repeated as per the needs of the employees.

The above are a few examples of onboarding videos that you can upload to your YouTube channel. Believe it or not, these videos can truly make a huge difference in your company’s HR strategy and give new employees enough reasons to continue working there. From providing valuable information about the company to engaging employees, these types of onboarding videos on YouTube will give you an edge over your competitors.

Get Your YouTube Subscriber Number Soaring with These Tips

In the recent past, brand marketers across the globe have come to realize the importance of video marketing in the modern-day digital landscape. There’s absolutely no doubt that video ad campaigns have immense power to entice consumers to make a purchase decision. Open any social media network and there will be a deluge of these ads on your newsfeed, all of which are trying to sell you something new.

When it comes to running video marketing campaigns, YouTube is the preferred social network for almost every video-savvy marketer. Video blogging, video sharing and video advertising have become bigger than ever before. So, 2021 will see a rise in the use of YouTube because that’s where most people are going for entertainment and information these days.

With a base of 2 million+ users, YouTube holds great opportunities for brand marketers to expand their reach and forge personal connections with viewers. But the biggest struggle that video marketers face is to get people to click on the “Subscribe” button. With so many YouTube channels operating on such a competitive and vast platform, increasing the number of subscribers is not a piece of cake.

Here are a few tips that can help you achieve this objective:

You need to produce great content

Now is the time to make the leap from good to great. Engagement is the key to success in the online space for any video marketer. Video content on YouTube that engages, entertains and informs are seen to summit the top of the success ladder. A combination of entertainment and information would work wonders for your YouTube channel.

Your videos on YouTube should make an impact on your audience, and give the real-life happenings. Relevancy to the current stream of events (for instance, news-based videos) can hook people to your channel. Your videos should be evergreen, meaning it should not fade away from the memory of people as time goes on. Creating such videos get you archived views and will always show your relevancy to the present times.

Know the nitty-gritty of video-making

Video creation for YouTube isn’t always a picnic. For your brand to get success in the online space, you need to be aware of the various technical aspects involved in making YouTube videos. Not taking care of these aspects can lead you to lose out on potential subscribers because they will not be able to find your channel in the first place. So, make sure you get to the core of the process of making YouTube videos.

Here are a few points to keep in mind while using YouTube for video marketing:

  • Create search-optimized video titles to get your video seen on Google’s SERP.
  • Optimize the description of your videos to boost searchability and user comprehension.
  • Personalize your YouTube channel and add a website URL and your bio.
  • Create custom thumbnails to increase the clickability of your videos.
  • The ideal length of a YouTube video is seen to be circa 4.4 minutes. So stick to this limit.
  • Make the best use of meta tags on YouTube to increase the reach of your video content.

Do cross-platform promotion

Lastly, merely creating a video and uploading it on YouTube will not help you hit the top mark of subscribers. You need to be more aggressive with your video promotion by looping in other social media networks. It’s important to think of your social presence as a whole—something that will need you to leverage multiple social media channels.

To get your videos seen, make sure you share them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms. This will help you reach more viewers and get more traffic to your YouTube channel. Ask your friend and networks to share your channel on their page to generate curiosity, and increase your subscriber number.

Follow these tips to up your video marketing game in 2021 and get your subscriber number on YouTube rolling.

How to Use YouTube to Market Your Hotel?

Believe it or not, people consider a range of factors before choosing a hotel to stay, either during their vacation or business trip. This is where video marketing plays an extremely crucial role, and YouTube is the best platform to go about with it. In fact, video content is a must-have for any hotel or hospitality business because it has the power to entice viewers.

Be it a time-lapse or a walk-through video, any form of video content on YouTube can do wonders for a hotel brand. The hotel’s location is one of the most crucial factors that travelers or vacations evaluate while selecting a place to stay. A video posted on YouTube, showing a time-lapse of sunrise in the hills or daily life in and around the hotel, can get people to plan their bookings immediately.

YouTube videos can increase sales and promote a hotel brand in the most impactful manner possible. Given the enormous user base of YouTube, especially comprising today’s tech-savvy, entertainment-conscious millennials, a single YouTube video can boost the brand’s reach and generate awareness. YouTube provides an easier way for them to spread information amongst their target audience and also meet their entertainment needs.

Here are a few tips that hotel brands and hospitality businesses can follow for marketing on YouTube:

Conducting virtual video tours

Prospective customers of a hotel—somebody who’s just searching for options to stay—are more likely to finalize a booking after a virtual tour. However, one important fact that hotel brands should know is that it’s only the most entertaining and compelling content that will stand out amongst their prospects. 360-degree panoramic videos are a great way to showcase the hotel brand and the alluring amenities that guests can enjoy.

Knowing the technical bit

There’s a reason why the searchability of any digital content is emphasized so much these days. Unless and until people can find the hotel brand when they are looking for options, the entire marketing exercise becomes redundant. The most important aspects to consider here are video title and keyword. The use of relevant, search-friendly keywords increases the visibility of the video content. Google Keyword Planner helps greatly in the process.

Creating detailed descriptions

The video description is an important section on YouTube because that’s what will determine whether to click on it in the first place. Moreover, prospects will want to know everything about the hotel in order to make a decision. The video description should clearly articulate what the video is trying to show and what prospects can expect from the brand. Not to forget, it should include a link to the website and social media channel and should mention the contact details for their convenience.

Getting testimonials

Testimonials are a great way to win the trust of prospects. Every savvy traveler will be concerned about the location, comfort, amenities, and other conveniences before deciding to finalize their choice. Testimonials from previous customers can help hotel brands showcase aspects that make them a trustworthy option for prospects. They give enough reasons to prospects to choose to go and enjoy their stay at the hotel. It’s important for hotel brands to bring out their USP through testimonial videos and align them with prospects’ emotional makeup.

The above are just a few of the many ways that hotel brands can use YouTube to market their services. It’s a continuous process. They have to keep experimenting in order to find out what works best. However, the aim of any video marketing campaign run on YouTube should be to engage prospects and strike an emotional chord with them. So, relevance, consistency, and creativity remain the cornerstone.

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