All you need to know about YouTube’s ‘Shorts’ video feed

All you need to know about YouTube’s ‘Shorts’ video feed
YouTube is a global video-sharing platform that brings in millions of views every day. It has content creators ranging from millions of subscribers to small creators who make videos on specific niches. Recently, YouTube expanded its platform to include its much-awaited video creation tool- ‘Shorts.’
Shorts has become a go-to YouTube marketing and video creation feature for all channels- big and small.

What is YouTube Shorts?

The video platform has created its very own tool, which allows users to post vertical videos up to 60 seconds long. As the name suggests, the videos are short and can be no longer than a minute.
For videos that are created using the Shorts camera, the recording limit is 15 seconds, with multiple clip options also available.

Video creators can choose to record a clip with their own cameras or can also opt for the Shorts video recorder. It offers a bunch of features like the option to add a music of your choosing to the video. You can control the speed at which you record and the timer allows hands-free recording just by setting a stop time for the countdown.

How to make the best use of Shorts?

Shorts has become a favorite tool for the creators to make short and catchy videos. The viewers are no different as most enjoy spending their time enjoying the ‘Shorts’ videos due to them being short and interactive. YouTube channels looking to grow their subscribers and viewership should undoubtedly consider regularly shooting a creative Shorts video. Here’s how you should use Shorts to bring in loyal viewers:

Keep it Short

Though shorts can be a maximum of 60 seconds long, most viewers prefer clips no longer than 15 seconds. If a Shorts video exceeds this short time span, the viewers are likely to swipe up to the next.

Pour in your Creativity

It is not as easy to make a short 15-second clip as you would think. Such a short interval makes it even more challenging to capture the viewer’s interest. What you want to do is create content that would pique the watcher’s curiosity. You don’t have to try to think of something never done before; as long as you can make it eye-catching, you’ll be fine. Viewers also tend to prefer interactive, informal, and entertaining video content for short clips, and that’s what you should focus on.

What Creators Need to Know About YouTube Shorts

Shorts has made it possible for even small video creators to shoot their videos without needing an elaborate setup. All you need to have is a smartphone and the YouTube app; you can record, edit as you like and share the clip.

Shorts appear on a viewer’s homepage, and it is smart to try your hand at posting one for the good chance that even viewers who are not your subscribers would view your content. If you create a video that successfully captures a viewer’s interest, you might be able to be in more channel visits and new subscribers.

An ideal Shorts video is catchy, creative, and out of the box. Shorts are also an easier way of creating content than the traditional YouTube videos.

In conclusion, YouTube Shorts has increased the ambit of video creation on this platform. It has especially been of much help to small video creators who could capture new audiences using this feature. If your aim is growth, you cannot ignore the importance of Shorts. It is an ideal tool for everything between YouTube marketing and viewer reach. It will take a short time, and once you get the hang of this feature, you’ll be creating the ideal Shorts in no time.

How can women entrepreneurs use YouTube?

YouTube is no longer just a space where people go to stream their favorite music video or look up recipes of dishes they want to make. The platform has grown to become the second largest in the world after Google, with more creators uploading content and more people watching.

Naturally, YouTube marketing has become a hot topic in marketing efforts by brands and individual entrepreneurs alike. The platform provides an excellent opportunity for women entrepreneurs to make themselves heard and grow their business into a successful one.

Here are a few ways that women entrepreneurs can use YouTube marketing to their advantage.

Building a personality by sharing your story through videos

Video content offers numerous advantages that aren’t possible through text-based content. On YouTube, you can take advantage of the visual platform by sharing your story through consistent posting. This could include who you are, a little about your background, your work, and the motivation for your business. Helping people connect to your brand by showing them someone they can actually connect with will do wonders for your business.

Showcasing products/services and directing viewers to an online store

It’s a lot easier to display products and their functioning through video content. You can make tutorials of how to use your products, use unboxing videos, and even benefit from customer testimonials to convince viewers that they need what you’re offering. Linking your website or online store in the description or through the use of YouTube cards will direct viewers to your offerings a lot more easily.

Boosting sales with influencer marketing

Women entrepreneurs and others using YouTube marketing can benefit from influencer marketing. By pairing up with a reputed influencer, you get access to their dedicated audience and have a much wider reach. Testimonials from influencers carry a lot more meaning to their audience than any testimonials you put up about your business. You can pair up with the right influencer for your niche and create unboxing videos, product launch videos, review videos, or even run a contest. Your audience is sure to pay attention.

Benefiting from ad revenue

The great thing about YouTube is that you can use it to earn some additional revenue by running ads on your videos. There are several types of ads that can be run on the platform and depending on the specific requirements of the ad, you get to earn some revenue based on whether or not viewers sit through the ad. This allows you to make some extra cash while still keeping your focus on the big picture.

Building a community and getting personal through live interactions

If you want to make a name for yourself as one of the most successful women entrepreneurs on YouTube, you need to show your audience a little more than just consistent posting of videos. You need to show up for them through live interactions, post stories on the platform, and help to create a sense of community. Your YouTube marketing efforts need to be about more than just making a name for your business.

Your target audience needs to know that you actually care so making use of the platform to show them that you do is a good idea. Using live streaming, Super Chat, and even YouTube Premieres will help you connect better with your target audience and boost business growth in the long run.

Running contests and giveaways

Pairing up with an influencer and running contests and giveaways is a great YouTube marketing strategy. You can encourage your audience to subscribe, comment, or even share your content. You can even use it as an opportunity to put together some user-generated content. Contests make things fun and keep it lively on the platform.


As you prepare to use YouTube marketing to your advantage, just make sure you have a clear plan in mind before starting out and optimize your channel for search engines.

Here are questions to ask while crafting a brand message for your YouTube marketing

You decide that you need to make the most of your YouTube marketing plans. One of the most important aspects of marketing successfully on YouTube is your brand message. Brand messaging is a powerful tool that conveys the uniqueness of your brand to the prospective consumer. You might have a brand, but do you have a brand identity? Does your brand stand out from the rest of the competition?

Video marketing on YouTube translates to the effective use of visual tools to grab the attention of the masses and turn them into customers. It ensures that the people get interested in the product or service you provide. While building a brand, it is imperative to craft a brand message that speaks to the customer and reflects your unique brand identity. Many brands miss on clearly conveying what their brand stands for, and this is where having a clear brand messaging plan can change the game. Before you begin crafting a brand message, here’s what you need to ask yourselves:

What does your brand have to offer?

It might seem simple enough. After all, every brand owner knows what their brand offers. However, the situation is different when you have to pitch your product to consumers who could move to another brand in a flash. So how are you going to explain what your brand offers, in a way that keeps them interested?

Why should the viewers invest their time in your brand?

In today’s world, consumers, whether of a product or service, are spoiled for choice. Brands are continually upgrading their brand image and services in order to appeal more to the customers. You should have a clear view of what sets you apart from the rest of the players in the game.

What motivated you to set up your own brand?

You need to have a vision of why you decided to craft a brand, and subsequently, the brand message. Every person and brand has different aims; therefore, it must be obvious to you what you were looking to gain or share through this project.

Where do you see your brand a few years down the line?

Every brand starts with a vision for a definite ending or a long-term aim. Your brand should be no exception. In fact, it is imperative to set out your goals and the end result you’re looking for. When you know your final goal, you’ll know how to carve a path towards that goal.

Is there a unique backstory about how the brand came into being?

When you’re building a brand identity and crafting a brand message, make sure that you make the most of every little quirk that can set it apart. Consumers love an interesting story, and if that story can make your brand more relatable to the masses- all the better!

Who is your ideal customer?

If you know whom you’re marketing to, you’ll also know how to do the marketing. Video marketing on YouTube is largely dependent on whether the ad appeals to the targeted set of viewers. Once you figure out the target group of your brand, you’ll also be able to craft a brand message accordingly.

In conclusion, there are innumerable ways to crafting a brand message. This is a very important tool in deciding how you perform on a platform as large as YouTube. Hence, asking a number of questions will offer insight into how to market your brand with the maximum possible effectiveness. Once your video marketing scheme merges with the brand message, you’ll have a successful run.

How to improve the quality of your customer testimonial videos?

Customer testimonials serve the essential purpose of establishing brand trust among consumers. A testimonial video reveals your customers’ genuine feedback about your product/ service. This can greatly impact consumer opinion regarding your brand and its products/ services.

Well-developed customer testimonials add great value to your video marketing strategies. They increase the persuasive factor of your marketing, making your brand more real and credible for your target audience.

If you are using customer testimonials for your YouTube marketing or other video marketing strategies, then here are some ways to improve their quality and credibility:

Start with Reliable Equipment

Customer testimonial videos must have great video and audio quality to make an impact on audiences. Videos with shaky or blurry images, or unclear audio, leave a bad impression.

It is not necessary to invest in expensive equipment, though. You can use any of your employee’s camera equipment such as a mid-range DSLR. You can also rent reliable camera and audio equipment from local audio/ video suppliers and dealers.

Accessories such as a good tripod and high-quality microphones are also important for clear recording. Choose microphones that reduce ambient noise and record sounds with great clarity.

Have a Script but Make Room for Improvisation

A balance between a planned script and improvisation on the sets is the best way to create well-developed yet genuine customer testimonials.

Prepare a list of questions that you would want your customers to answer for the testimonial. If possible, send these questions to customers a day before so that they can prepare themselves.

Start with these planned questions. Include spontaneous questions to follow up on the planned script to make the testimonial real and relatable.
You can interview customers with the planned script and can later edit to make the video fit to the format of a testimonial.

Let your Customers Share their Stories

A powerful customer testimonial is one that tells others how your product/ service became invaluable to the customer. When customers explain how your product or service solved a problem for them, it makes the video engaging and impactful.

Other people will be able to relate to these problems and imagine themselves being benefitted by your product/ service.

Choose questions that go beyond a yes or no to encourage customers to share their stories. Select questions that bring out the customer’s emotional connect with the problem and thereby with your product/ service. Some examples include:

  • What were the problems facing the customer?
  • Why was it important for the customer to find a solution to the problem?
  • How did your product/ service help the customer?
  • How did the customer find out about product/ service?
  • How was life different for the customer after they used your product/ service?

Establish Facts and Show Emotion

Use concrete proof to show the impact your product/ service has had on consumers or businesses. For example, your product/ service may have increased remote employee productivity by 40%. Your product/ service may have realized 50% cost savings for businesses. Establish these facts with numbers and statistics.

But numbers are not everything. You need to appeal to your audiences’ emotions as well. Only then will they be able to relate to your videos and your product/ service.

Describe the emotions that the customers went through when faced with a problem that your product/ service solves. Were they struggling, frightened, insecure or overwhelmed? How did they feel after using your product/ service? Elated, satisfied, great, proud, accomplished?

Include a personal factor in all your customer testimonials to make them great.

Keep Testimonial Videos Short

Audiences are not interested in or impressed by hour-long videos even if they share great customer stories. Edit your videos to last for 3 minutes at the most. Ensure that the video talks about how your product/ service made a difference in your customer’s life.

In Conclusion

Creating a connection with your target audience is and should be the goal of your customer testimonial videos. Keep this aspect in mind throughout the production of your customer testimonials.

Gather customer feedback on your customer testimonials to identify pain points and improve. Seeking the assistance of professional video and YouTube marketing services is also a great way to create impactful videos.

How can Subtitles and Closed Captions be Used as a Great YouTube Marketing Strategy?

If your marketing strategy includes YouTube videos, then you might already be using video optimization techniques. Some common video optimization techniques include using keywords for video naming, titles and descriptions, tagging, and categorizing.

Did you know adding subtitles and closed captions are also important YouTube marketing strategies that can deliver desired results?

What are Subtitles and Closed Captions in YouTube Videos?

Subtitles are text displays that appear on the screen for viewers that do not understand the language being used in the video. Subtitles are commonly seen in video-streaming channels.

Subtitles are helpful for people watching a video in an unknown language. They are also useful for people that mute their videos due to external disturbances such as a noisy or crowded atmosphere.

Closed captions, on the other hand, are text translations of all the sounds being used in a video. In addition to the language being spoken, closed captions display all relevant sounds associated with the video. Closed captions are helpful for viewers that cannot hear.

Visually-impaired viewers that use screen readers can also benefit from closed captions. The reason these captions are called closed is that they can be turned off. A variant of this option, called open captions, cannot be turned off.

Benefits of Using Subtitles or Closed Captions in YouTube Videos?

Adding subtitles and closed captions can make a great difference to your digital marketing results. How do they make a difference?

Here are some key ways in which closed captions and subtitles make an impact:

Reach Hard-to-Access Audiences Easily

People with disabilities and those that are non-English form a significant percentage of the global population. Without subtitles and captions, you will miss out making an impact on this significant population. This means, you will be losing a valuable brand engagement opportunity.

Videos with subtitles and closed captions make your content accessible to visually-impaired people and those that have hearing issues. In addition, your brand can reach non-native English speakers.

Increase the Impact of your Content

Did you know 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound? While this is a Facebook statistic, the relevance can be applied to other media platforms such as YouTube videos.

So, how can you ensure that your content conveys your brand message to audiences?

Captions and subtitles show the way.

With closed captions and subtitles, you can make your video content reach audiences that watch videos on mute. Let your audiences enjoy videos in whichever way they want to while you ensure that your brand message reaches them, with sound or without!

Connect with your Audiences’ Emotions

Research shows that using captions increases video view time by about 12%. Another study shows that using captions increases audience engagement by 17%.
Video reach is important. More important is what your audience does with your videos?

  • Do they like it?
  • Do they share it?
  • Do they add it to their favorites?

Closed captions and subtitles increase audience engagement by making it possible to connect to their emotions even when the videos are watched without sound.

Even with the sound off, audiences can understand your videos. They can easily connect to emotions such as anger, positivity, sarcasm, and pride, portrayed in the videos.

With closed captions and subtitles, viewers get to experience your videos in the way they deserve to be, even without sound. Imagine the impact your video can then make!

An increase in audience engagement leads to improved brand interactions, awareness, and conversions, which have a positive impact on sales and revenue.

Make your Videos More SEO-Friendly

While search engine algorithms may not be able to crawl videos, they can crawl any associated text. Closed captions and subtitles provide this text for search engines.

In addition to titles and meta-description, transcriptions offer an opportunity for keyword inclusion, which improves your video visibility. With improved visibility, you can achieve your organic traffic goals more efficiently.

In Conclusion

Adding closed captions and subtitles to your YouTube videos is worth the effort. You can witness improved video reach, content comprehension, and audience engagement. Enable your YouTube marketing to create extra impact by using the caption and subtitle strategy.

When adding captions and subtitles, ensure that they are accurate and in sync with the auditory content. Well-developed captions generate a positive impact on audiences.

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