How to Make the Perfect YouTube Intro to Attract More Viewers?

There are billions of people on YouTube scrolling through the vast library of videos. In such high competition, how can you drive these viewers to your content?

If you are a YouTuber troubled with the same question, then you have come to the right place. It may sound quite obvious but a well-framed and relevant YouTube intro can have a lasting impact on your viewers. This is because your YouTube intro is the first impression of your content for your viewers. If you are unable to catch the attention of your audience within that time, it is unlikely that they will stick to your videos till the end. Therefore, an engaging YouTube intro can help you attract more YouTube viewers. 

But the question is, what ingredients will make a perfect YouTube introduction that attracts more views? We have resolved this question for you as well! Just follow these easy tips.

1. Short Introduction 

The attention span of people when using the internet is very short. If you keep introducing the subject of your video for a long time, people will get bored and probably jump to another video. Therefore, keep your YouTube intros short. Recommended duration is up to 15 seconds.

2. Eye-catchy content 

More than anything else, viewers are more likely to click on elements that instantly catch their attention. Bright colors, cool animations, and dramatic music in your YouTube intro can help you attract more viewers to your content.

3. Be specific 

In the introduction, make it very clear to your viewers what you will be showing them. If you are going to show them a new cooking recipe, tell it to them at the beginning itself. If you are going to do something to entertain them, give an idea to them in your YouTube intro. This will help your viewers in understanding whether your content is what they are seeking. If it falls in that category, they will not only watch the whole video but also subscribe for more.

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4. Use an appropriate video template

On the web, there are a number of websites, tools, and apps that can make your job easier by providing pre-made templates for your YouTube intros. It is understandable for you to get a bit confused about which one to opt for. In such a case, think about the genre of your videos. A how-to-do YouTube video’s intro will be much different from a gaming one. Therefore, pick the right template that conveys what your videos are about in the best way possible.

5. Reflect your brand identity

In your videos and YouTube intros, use image and color elements that reflect your brand identity. If you do not have created a brand yet, make one by creating a logo and a slogan for all your videos. When you do so, viewers can immediately connect the videos to you as soon as they see them. Such strong connectivity with your brand can help you retain as well as attract more YouTube viewers. This will also increase loyalty among your viewers.

6. Add a call to action

Adding a call to action for your viewers guiding them on what to do next is also a great way to make your YouTube videos engaging.

Therefore, while you invest your energy and time in making your entire YouTube video a wonderful one, ensure that you pay equal attention to your YouTube intro. The reason for this is that your YouTube intro will be the first thing that your audience will come across. Since the first impression is the last, make sure your intros are powerful, eye-catchy, and relevant to your viewers.

How can YouTube Ads Strengthen Brand Awareness?

Did you know YouTube has more than 2 billion users? The giant social media platform reaches more 18–49-year-olds in the US than any other cable network. By 2025, it is predicted that half of U.S. viewers under 32 won’t subscribe to a pay TV service. These statistics should come as no surprise. With an average millennial spending countless hours on their devices, video content is hot right now. Imagine if your business can tap into the power of YouTube marketing, how beneficial that would be.

In this article, we look at how brands on YouTube can promote their business and be successful with a good YouTube marketing plan.

Expands Your Reach

The greater number of people who know about your brand, the better. With a 2 billion user base that’s continuously on the rise, YouTube ads give you exposure and visibility you didn’t think possible. Even when you have a very specific niche to approach, it works wonders with YouTube’s algorithm and the right YouTube SEO practices. Plus, these videos you create can be embedded in the blogs on your website, landing pages or other social media platforms you may use.

Highly Targeted

YouTube ads are highly detailed when you are looking to target a specific audience. Here’s how your brand can grab more eyeballs through targeted YouTube ads:

  • Demographics: Targets users based on numerous factors such as age, location, gender and more.
  • In-market Audience: This allows you to advertise for customers who are searching for services or products you offer.
  • Customer Match: Customers who showed interest in your product or service in the past can be re-engaged by using offline and first-party online data.
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Display Endorsements and Testimonials

If you notice, some brands on YouTube do an excellent job of communicating their story through employees and customers. By requesting your best customers to record a video for your brand and creating a montage of the best moments, you promote your business for maximum audience exposure. Encouraging your loyal customers to share their feedback in a video gives your brand the authenticity and credibility prospective buyers look for. Brands can build strong loyalty by creating YouTube ads that involve storytelling through content that can make the audience emotionally invested.

Connects You with Your Audience

YouTube ads allow your brand to showcase its personality while defining the principles you stand for. Compared to an ad in a local paper, a video ad appeals more to the audience when after watching a commercial they can see the brand in action. It’s like putting a face to the brand, understanding their attitude, and shining the spotlight on yourself. To ensure your videos rank high in the search results, remember to optimize the title, keywords, and even thumbnail image to reach the intended audience.

Increase Views of Past Content

Most video ads on TV are fleeting and run for 15 or 30 seconds. But YouTube works differently. Branded videos on YouTube have a long shelf life which can continue to earn revenues for months (if not years) through YouTube views. For example, TrueView ads can not only promote a new video but also increase the view of the brand’s past video. TrueView ads are stoppable in-stream ad formats that allow you to add calls-to-action in the end so the viewers can directly act on it.

Closing Thoughts

The future of video content is bright. YouTube ads can elevate your brand to the next level by helping you reach a wider audience. It is a must-have part of any digital marketing strategy. You can achieve excellent results by strategizing your YouTube presence and optimizing your YouTube ads to boost your brand awareness.

How to Start a Successful Podcast on YouTube?

YouTube may occur in people’s minds when they are looking for a “how-to” video or music video, but the social network is also slowly gaining traction as a podcast platform. Several YouTube creators are using the site as a medium to share their expertise with people—something that Spotify and Apple Podcasts are already offering in an audio format.

If you wish to be a little experimental and start a YouTube podcast, then you are likely to face some competition because many YouTube creators have already started garnering millions of views. It’s all about leveraging the ever-increasing userbase of YouTube and its search algorithm to make more money and to grow your YouTube audience.

Below are a few ways in which you can start a YouTube podcast and create an impact in the online space:

Convert audio files into videos

The easiest method of creating and starting a YouTube podcast to grow your YouTube audience is using a converter that’s capable of converting your audio files into video formats. But that’s not enough because YouTube is essential a video-sharing platform, and audio files without the video element won’t work. So, you can convert your audio file into videos by adding a static image of about 2560x2240px to the background. There are even software applications that allow you to add subtitles and effects to your YouTube podcast.

Shoot your podcast

As mentioned, YouTube requires video files, meaning your podcast will have to have a video element for it to go up on the platform. If you are already recording an audio podcast, you can get a camera and film yourself as you speak. Some creators often convert audio files to videos before uploading to YouTube simply by adding a static image. But featuring yourself in the video will make it more personal. You can get hold of the necessary equipment and choose a noise-free space to shoot your YouTube podcast. If you already know a professional video-maker, feel free to get in touch with them.

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Use your remote interviews

There may have been times when you have given remote interviews on various subjects. These interviews can be amazing resources while making a YouTube podcast. You may be using a remote interview software that lets you connect virtually. Such software applications offer the capability of screen-capturing your interview; they allow you to record your video and audio simultaneously for your future use. After your interview ends, you will get a split-screen video that lets you upload your podcast to YouTube. However, the only disadvantage of this method is that the video quality tends to degrade, thus making filming a better option. Nonetheless, you can go for this easy and simple way of creating and uploading your YouTube podcast without spending much time and money.

How starting a YouTube podcast can help you?

Podcasting has emerged as a great way to showcase your expertise in a particular niche and grow your YouTube audience. By starting a YouTube podcast, you can attract people with different preferences and get more listeners. You can definitely take your show a level higher by tapping into the extensive userbase of the second-largest search engine in the world.

Another great advantage of starting a YouTube podcast is that the level of interactivity and engagement. The comments section will allow you to actively engage your listeners, respond to their queries and forge a strong userbase for yourself. Also, you will stand a chance to rank high on search engines because that’s what YouTube videos do—YouTube’s algorithms make them more visible to search engine crawlers. Once your YouTube podcast becomes discoverable to potential listeners, there will be no looking back for your show.

Top 5 Reasons Why YouTube Content Creators Should Go Live

Videos and vlogs are a popular way to share information and all kinds of content. And YouTube is the most popular platform. YouTube content creators play a key role in this process. Whether it is to promote a specific brand, educational or marketing content, videos get more information across in a limited time frame. Many online communities have been created thanks to videos and live-streaming and the advantages are numerous.

Going Live on YouTube – the why and how

For years, YouTube has been the foremost platform for watching as well as sharing videos. All content was uploaded and could be watched on demand. Thanks to trends in marketing and other social media channels, live-streaming on YouTube has become reality. If you want to introduce new products or cover an event, YouTube Live is the most efficient way to do so. With an audience of close to 2 billion users, every event generates a lot of income. YouTube Live can be used by individuals and professionals to talk about any topic. Before the event, broadcasters can share a link to promote the event.

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Top 5 reasons why YouTube Content Creators should broadcast live

1. Monetization

YouTube is the best channel to make money on live video feeds. Viewers support their brand via Super Chat. Before and during an event, you can display sponsor ads. If your product is well-received in the market, you can get users to subscribe to your channel for a fee.

2. Establish a presence

Videos are a great medium to present ideas and products. Most consumers make buying decisions based on what they watched. In fact, videos are now the default method to broadcast a message to the public and YouTube Live & videos have helped create many new businesses.

3. Maximum reach

Live broadcasting is the quickest and easiest way to reach the widest audience. There is a lot of excitement due to events and consumers do share links and information later with their circle. Every YouTube content creator should capitalize on opportunities afforded by such tools. Mobile phone and app use has contributed to this phenomenon.

4. Easy collaboration

Collaboration tools are not used as much as many content creators are not aware of this. Check out how to use it before your next live even and expand your reach into new markets.

5. Relating to the audience

Many YouTube content creators set up a schedule to release new videos or host live events. People with the same interests look forward this information. It is a great way to establish new connections and grow a circle. Great brands have created new markets a viewer at a time.

To make the most of YouTube Live, it is important to track trending content in your sphere. This will help you present the best and most up-to-date information. Make your events interactive and invite special guests. Spontaneity is a great way to generate a buzz around a release. You can advertise on your social media accounts on upcoming events. Use the Analytics tool to gather data on views, locations and comments.

There are many ways you can use YouTube Live to reach audiences around the globe. If you want to take your broadcast to the next level, use available online resources to learn and create better events. Explore ways to make your narratives interesting – why not broadcast live from another event? Once you figure out what you want to achieve, you should develop a plan. Setting up an event schedule and frequency becomes much easier. Use hashtags to reach a wide audience and include a call to action at the end of the live session.

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