Avoid These 7 Things If You Want To Grow Your Youtube Subscriber List

YouTube is a great place for anyone looking for an audience for their business or videos in general. With 2.3 billion users on the video streaming platform, it acts as a great leveler for anyone entering competitive world of video marketing.

But gaining subscribers is no easy task, especially with big YouTubers employing production teams, you need to avoid some obvious pitfalls. These might look like small and insignificant steps but in the long run, they can hurt your growth.

Here are 7 things to look out for while trying to get subscribers

Include a call to action

Even if your content on YouTube is amazing, if you don’t include calls to action (CTAs) in your video, you’re unlikely to get subscribers. In recent years, a lot of content creators on YouTube have become creative in how they encourage their viewers to press the subscribe button. We recommend taking some leaves out of their books and incorporating CTAs across all your videos.

Spice it up

People are attracted to some charisma and glamour in the videos. Anyone can make a boring video but if you add elements that attract people you will get regular viewers and subscribers. The video camera will dull your energy so it is a great hack to be twice as enthusiastic on video. This way all your charisma and enthusiasm will translate well on video and you’ll have a great product in the end. 

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Don’t spam on other accounts

If you go on other people’s videos and spam a link to your channel or videos, then people will more than likely avoid you. Not only is it irritating it also comes off as selfish and very amateurish. To get a steady subscriber count you should ensure that you are not involved in spamming whatsoever. This behavior is also flagged by YouTube which can lead to more trouble down the line. 

Clickbait is passé

Using clickbait images and titles have worked in the past but people are more or less bored of it. If you have the subject matter knowledge, people will more than likely find you through the search page alone. 

In this day and age, it is unnecessary to get people’s attention through clickbait. For example, you put the picture of a Lamborghini on a video about stocks then it is definitely going to work against you. It is best that your thumbnail and title are catchy and also related to your video.

Inappropriate words

YouTube has been pushing the community stars to be more incisive and family-oriented in recent words. So the blacklisted words can harm you and your channel. 


If you use someone else’s video, music, audio, pics, or anything creative generally, then there is a great chance of YouTube flagging your video down. Copying content also leads to comparisons that may not be flattering. YouTube fails compilation might use videos from different sources but make sure you add all the creators in the credits or at least in the description box.

It is against YouTube’s terms and regular offenders more than often than not have their channels deleted. Be careful of using other people’s content and if you do use it give them full credits and let it be known.

No upload schedule

If you do not upload frequently then you are doing a great disservice to your channel. Only uploading once in a while does not make the algorithm pick your video for other people’s recommended videos.

Use YouTube analytics and YouTube marketing to your advantage and grow your channel. Getting to a good subscriber count is not easy but if you keep at it for some time you will realize it is fairly easy to get in the rhythm of things. The best advice is to make videos and avoid the aforementioned situations at all costs.

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Tips For Using Youtube Shorts To Grow Engagement

YouTube has been the de facto video-consuming platform for generations now. It is the king when it comes to video hosting and has great content added every day by the people themselves. With 2.3 billion users and counting, YouTube has reinvented itself again to compete in the shorter video format.

The first-ever video to be uploaded on YouTube was 18 seconds, and it feels like history is repeating itself. YouTube Shorts is the direct competitor of TikTok and Instagram Reels that will introduce the short portrait video format to the platform. 

Tips to make your YouTube Shorts successful


Probably the most important factor when it comes to getting people interested in your video is the thumbnail. It is the first pic that people see of your video and a great way to attract people. An attractive thumbnail can do wonders for your video and drive YouTube engagement up.

Many YouTube powerhouses like Buzzfeed use attractive thumbnails to lure their audiences. They set the expectations for the video and let people have a gist of what is to be expected. A good frame from the video can do wonders too, but a different thumbnail works equally well. 

The image that you choose should be high resolution, and the text should be readable no matter what the device is. Create a catchy title and see people flocking to your videos.

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Add Annotations

Adding annotations makes your message loud and clear. Whether you want people to subscribe to your channel or go to your website, it delivers the action you want them to take in a short and concise form. It is a highly effective way of marketing your products and services.

YouTube analytics will also register the actions taken from the prompt while also focusing on retention, likes, and views. Annotations at the end of the video are also a great way to boost your engagement and interaction. As your videos end, a user is more than likely to go to another video. If you give them an alternative, there is a chance that they might not do that.

This is why everyone should add annotations to their videos regardless of the format. They give your audience a clear goal as to what you are trying to do with the video.

Short and Sweet

It is important that your videos are short and to the point. This not only increases engagement but also helps retention. With people’s attention span diminishing as time goes on, it is important to leave a lasting impression.

For short videos, remove the intro and outro sections that you may usually use for a longer video. Get straight to the point and keep it concise. This way, you have a highly effective video that not only is under 30 seconds but conveys the message easily too. This is especially true for mobile users who view their content on the go.

SEO and Marketing

The same basic principles of marketing that you apply to your campaigns can also be used here. Short-form videos might be a different platform, but that does not mean that the whole strategy should change. Rather you should adapt your current strategy just for a shorter format. 

Concentrate on the effectiveness of the videos and SEO of it, and you should be good to go.

Short videos are a great way to drive engagement and increase your visibility on the platform. With YouTube having the largest user base in the world right now, you should capitalize on this. 

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Your Guide To Resurrecting Your Old Youtube Channel: Part 2 – Building The New

Creating a successful YouTube channel is an uphill task and can often feel endlessly futile. Many people find themselves starting out with all the enthusiasm. But somewhere along the way, they give up and abandon ship. If you are a person looking to get back into the YouTube game, we’ve got some handy tips for you. Check out our pointers for rebranding your old YouTube channel and maximizing its potential.


The first step to rebranding and retargeting your YouTube channel obviously involves research. Before you even begin creating content, take stock of your old videos and the path you want your new channel to take. Do you want to start completely from scratch and create content in an entirely different niche? Or do you want your videos to follow the same blueprint as your earlier content?

Depending on your reasons for leaving in the first place, you may want to consider finding a different niche. You will have to research competitors and changes with YouTube analytics and the YouTube algorithm in the time since you were gone. Accordingly and armed with all new data, work on revamping your channel design. Play around with the channel banner art, video intro graphics, and thumbnail design. Consider adding all important details like your upload schedule and your social media handles for easy access right on the banner. Try to couple a dramatic thumbnail with an eye-catching and arresting image and headline. Make sure your old videos on the channel follow the same theme and update video thumbnails for those too.

Titles and description

Update video titles of all old videos to achieve an overall clarity with your new design and niche. Along with video titles, update all video descriptions too. And update video tags according to popular trending tags and tags used by other influencers in your niche. You can even consider changing your channel name altogether. If you have an inconsequential fan base that is not large enough to risk alienating or confusing, changing your channel name can help you attract a brand-new audience.

Your Subscribe button may not seem like an important detail worth updating. But when you are revamping everything else on your channel, there is no harm in updating that too. Maybe try a clean, immediately visible logo with no extraneous details that will distract. This may also help with the click-through rate.


Think about the needs of your audience when creating content, and aim for value generation. Your content needs to be easy to view, hold attention, and accessible. Playlists are a great way for you to categorize your content so that viewers don’t have to scroll through endless videos to find the one they are looking for. An eye-grabbing playlist title can also help with making sure your audience don’t leave the channel without clicking play. The longer they stay on your channel and on a particular video, the more likely they are to browse the rest of the space too.

Include your viewers

Treat your viewers as an idea-generating factory. Ask them directly what they’d like to see and what was lacking in your old content. Bring them into your YouTube marketing equation and use their suggestions to rebuild. Ask for recommendations and feedback on the community tab, comments and connected social media accounts. Answer and respond to all comments, especially in the beginning stages of rebuilding. And let your viewers know you are grateful for their attention.

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Consistency is key

There may be many reasons behind why a person abandons a YouTube channel. Low views, engagement, stagnant growth, lack of ideas and time all can play a part. When you are rebranding, aim not to repeat past mistakes. A key mistake that most YouTubers cannot afford to make when starting out is inconsistency. New channels need the push to gain ranking by YouTube and work the algorithm to their advantage. Make sure you create a practical and achievable schedule and stick to it over time. Give yourself a time frame for certain view or subscriber targets you want to reach and keep pushing. Oh, and let your audience know about your schedule too.

Tracking apps and 3rd party resources

Take advantage of 3rd party apps that help with tracking and provide crucial inputs on your channel and video performance. Whether they are apps that help with keyword research or crafting thumbnails or graphics, use the external help. Tools like VidIQ are great for boosting views, channel audits, and research on competitors. For graphics, Adobe Creative Suite is a creator go-to. Storyblocks can help with editing, B roll cutaways and jump cuts. Investing in third-party apps is crucial in the early stages when you don’t have a significant or consistent fan base.


In conclusion, the choice between old vs. new is personal to the individual YouTuber and circumstance. Sometimes, reviving an old channel may not work at all, and you might have to start off in an entirely new direction. If your YouTube history is spotty and filled with copyright strike-related issues, rebranding may not be the course correction you are looking for. It would be better to start over with a new channel that is not on YouTube’s radar and riddled with red flags.

Your rebranding may also fail for the reason that your old audience may not connect to your new content and unsubscribe. Investing in a marketing resurrection of your old channel only works if you have a reasonably sized following that you want to carry along with you with the rebranding. It’ll also give you a clean bill of health for your channel with no existing issues. If your new channel has a drastically different focus from your old one, it might affect your discoverability on YouTube. So keep that in mind when you decide to rebrand. If YouTube can’t decide what your channel focus is, it will affect whether it will be recommended to viewers. Take your time when making a decision regarding new content and work with an organized plan so that you reach success the second time around.

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