What is the Secret to Financial Success on YouTube?

Nobody becomes an overnight star on YouTube. The content creators with thousands of followers that you see today know the art of YouTube monetization. They have come a long way in building an audience, creating top-notch content, and converting viewers into paying subscribers.

These self-made celebrities in the huge world of YouTube have strived for financial success by coming up with relevant and valuable video content. Their content is applauded for being focused on educating, informing, entertaining, and guiding more than two billion monthly active users on the platform.

So, now you may be wondering what exactly is the secret to success for YouTube monetization. To give you a one up on your competitors, here are a few tips you should follow:

1. Monetize your account by joining the YouTube Partner Program

One of the best and sure-fire ways of YouTube monetization is the YouTube Partner Program, an ad platform that allows you to enable monetization as per your preference. This is a quick step that you can perform through the dashboard of your account. You can monetize your account when you reach 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours the previous year. However, make sure you are geographically eligible for this because the program is not available globally. For you to get paid by YouTube, your ad should be clicked or watched in full. It can be for 10, 15, or 30 seconds.

2. Go YouTube Premium

With the launch of YouTube Premium, you can earn a lot more easily through YouTube monetization. The platform is a paid subscription program that lets fans watch and check out their favorite content without getting interrupted by ads. You will earn a good sum for your content being watched by non-YouTube members along with your video content on YouTube Premium. Your payment will depend on how many viewers watch your content. So, you should consider creating a stream of revenue through YouTube Premium along with what’s already coming in from YouTube ads.

3. Sell something that the world wants

YouTube comes in handy as a social network if you are aiming to sell something on it. Given the flexibility offered by the platform, YouTube monetization becomes a lot easier because you can sell pretty much anything you want—from small merchandise to large equipment. But it’s easy to manage small products, such as coffee mugs, t-shirts, bags, etc., on the online platform. Getting into this e-commerce trade on YouTube can turn into a huge revenue-generating venture. Concerned about shipping? You don’t have to because you can find a plethora of dropshipping options. You can create an amazing online brand and give your fans something that they value and desire.

4. Provide influencer content

It’s not only on Instagram that you can be an influencer these days. YouTube proves to be an equally potent influencer platform because the sponsored content strategy simply dovetails perfectly with its user base. YouTube monetization by selling influencer content is not that complicated: you will have to associate directly with a well-known brand, and they pay you directly. The quality of the brand you work with is very crucial because it will also shape your brand image on YouTube. Sponsored content is nothing different from advertising, where an advertiser (a brand) pays you for featuring their content on your channel. You will have to conform to Google’s Ad policies and be clear about all the legal matters with your influencer brand.


The above are just a few of the many ways in which you can go about YouTube monetization. However, it’s important that you keep your efforts consistent. Make sure that you create relevant and top-of-the-line content that strikes a chord with your audience. Aim at building a brand image so strong that people cannot resist but subscribe to your channel. SoNuker can help you gain free YouTube subscribers and likes. Contact us today.

How to use user-generated content for YouTube marketing?

You can put a lot of money into your YouTube marketing efforts for making high-quality videos. However, if all the videos are a product of your investment, it’s unlikely that those efforts will translate into long-term success. If you really want to tap into the potential of YouTube for reaching out to new audiences and making truly meaningful connections with them, you’ve got to consider using user-generated content.

The stats don’t lie – online engagement increases by a whopping 28% when consumers see a brand using its own authored content along with user-generated content. But how do you use user-generated content for marketing your brand on YouTube? Read on to know the answer to this question.

1. Ask existing customers to submit their videos

You could ask your existing customers to submit videos of them using your products/services. Once you receive their videos, you can pick and choose from the videos that showcase your brand along with your products/services in the best possible light. You could also ask them to submit testimonial videos, which would make it more likely for newer audiences to trust you and what you’ve got to offer. You could also organize contests and invite your audience to participate in them by submitting their videos. You could reward the creators of the best videos by offering discounts and product giveaways.

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2. Collaborate with influencers

There’s no better way of doing video marketing on YouTube than collaborating with influencers. So, reach out to YouTube influencers operating in your niche and request them to collaborate with your brand. As part of the deal, you may have to keep providing free products to the influencers from time to time. However, in the long run, it’ll pay off, as the influencer’s audience will get to know about your brand. Sponsoring videos is also a great way to get influencers to feature your products across their videos.

3. Reach out to experts for creating tutorial videos

If your customers want to know how to best use your company’s products/services, we recommend reaching out to niche experts for crafting tutorial videos. Over the years, ‘how to’ and other types of tutorial videos on YouTube have amassed millions of views. Apart from giving your audience information on how to use your products, tutorial videos can also help them identify the problems they have and how your offerings solve them.

4. Don’t be afraid to share negative reviews

Many brands make the mistake of not including user-generated content that points out the cons of their products. Remember, your audience isn’t comprised of fools. So, if you try and trick them into believing that your products have no flaws at all, it’s most likely to backfire. Instead, try and be authentic in your use of user-generated content. For example, if an independent reviewer speaks negatively on a certain aspect of your product, showcase it in front of your audience. This will make your brand seem more authentic and more worthy of trust. However, on the product development front, you should ensure that all efforts are made to improve on the weaknesses of your previous offerings.

So, these were four of the most popular ways of using user-generated content for YouTube marketing. As YouTube content creation grows more and more, one thing’s for sure – the marketing opportunities on YouTube will only get bigger and better.

Remember, the point of marketing on YouTube isn’t just to increase brand awareness and customer base. It’s also about growing your YouTube channel through more views and more subscribers. If you want free YouTube subscribers and views, you should definitely consider SoNuker for growing and expanding your brand’s fanbase on YouTube.

All You Need to Know About Hashtag Optimization on YouTube

What are hashtags?

Most people familiar with social media sites like Instagram and Facebook are aware of the hashtag (#). It has become so prevalent that important campaigns like #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter are known for their hashtags. In technical terms, a hashtag works as a tag to categorize the content. In the case of YouTube, hashtags are added to video titles and video descriptions to signify their category. According to official YouTube statements, hashtags contribute to a video’s discoverability. Many creators add hashtags to their video titles and descriptions to make their videos trending and to benefit the search strategy.

Immediate work of hashtags

For the regular YouTube user, hashtags serve a very important function. As with Facebook or Instagram, clicking on a hashtag lands a user to other videos with the same hashtag. People can easily find the content they would like to discover this way. It is also how movements and campaigns have spread across social media. They help in everything from product marketing to electoral campaigning.

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How will YouTube hashtags help your video get more views?

YouTube has said that using hashtags will increase the chances of recommending your videos when people search with that certain hashtag. The YouTube Creator Academy mentions that hashtag can help with SEO. Let us see how this works.

  • A user can land at your video if they watch other videos with the same hashtags as you. Chances of getting your videos recommended to them increase significantly. If you have a food channel, and you use #friedchicken, other creators with #friedchicken might have your video recommended in their feeds. Sometimes, users can even directly land at your video. If someone searches for #friedchicken, it might directly list your video among the top two or three. This is especially true if you rank for that hashtag.
  • The hashtag makes it easier for the algorithm to figure out what your video is about. Let’s take the food channel as an example again. Having multiple hashtags on a similar theme will make it easier for both the algorithm and users to know what your video is about. Let’s say you put #cooking, #easyrecipes, #mealprep, etc., in your video titles and descriptions. People who usually search with any of these hashtags will have an easy time finding your video. It will also make it easier for the algorithm to recommend your videos to people with similar interests. Your SEO can significantly benefit in this manner from using hashtags, especially if you also combine them with a service to get free YouTube subscribers.

Hashtags give you a neat way of categorizing your videos without creating playlists. Many YouTube channels use a certain hashtag for a series of videos. For example, if you use #quickrecipe with all your short cooking clips, clicking on the hashtag will list all relevant videos. It is a neat and fast way of categorizing videos on YouTube.

How to use Hashtags in YouTube videos?

There are two places where you can add hashtags on YouTube. One is the video description. You can add many hashtags to your video description. The first three will show above your video title when somebody plays your video.
People can also add hashtags directly to the video title. For instance, you can name your video “How to make the crispiest #friedchicken”. Both are beneficial to your SEO.

Researching for hashtags

Some hashtags will give you a better result than others in terms of SEO. The easiest way to research is to find out the hashtags used by the top videos in your niche. You can then use some of those sparingly and strategically. You can also come up with hashtags that you feel confident about. All they need to be is short and catchy. Keep in mind that overusing hashtags do not guarantee any success. It is best to use them where appropriate, and even more importantly, to use only relevant hashtags.

If you want your YouTube channel to stand out from the crowd, it is very important to get professional assistance. YouTube has become a marketplace with thousands of channels fighting for viewer’s time and attention.

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