How to Encourage Your YouTube Subscribers to Sit Through Long Videos

YouTube is a social media platform that is constantly undergoing changes. More and more people tune in to watch a variety of content on YouTube, whether gameplays, tutorials, or something else. It has been found that almost 27% of viewers watch more than 10 hours of video content every week. Furthermore, the watch time spent on YouTube is often considered to be more than that of Facebook and Netflix combined.

Watch time is an important factor for YouTube, and it determines which videos are likely to appear higher in the search results. It is important to remember that YouTube focuses on those videos that increase the amount of time a user spends on YouTube. Longer-form videos are considered to be the best in this aspect. However, many content creators find that people don’t watch their entire videos after they’ve spent hours and days creating the most engaging content. What can they do in such a situation? With the following tips, content creators will be able to engage viewers with their long YouTube video and increase their subscriber base.

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1. Start with an intro that grabs the attention of the audience

The intro of the video should hook the audience from the beginning. It is important to grab the attention of the viewers with the first 15 seconds. This can be done in a few different ways –

  • Use visuals or your personality to make the first frame of the video compelling for the audience.
  • Try to speak to the viewers directly instead of talking to a wide audience.
  • Spark the curiosity of the viewers by asking them a question.
  • Give the viewers a preview of what they would expect in the form short clip.
  • When you use the interesting parts of the video first, the viewers are more likely to stick around until the end of the video essay.

2. Don’t use clickbait in the title or thumbnail

When viewers click on your video after seeing the thumbnail or the title, it is important that you deliver on the promise. The beginning of the video should include some parts about the thing they are expecting to see. If the thumbnail or title is misleading, the viewers are less likely to watch the video until the end. Try to develop an understanding of what the viewers might like so you don’t have to resort to using click baits in the first place.

3. Place the CTA strategically

In the analytics section, you will be able to observe the time when most of your users drop off. This is a good place to include something that might hook the attention of the viewers so that they continue watching the video until the end. Before the point of average drop off, you can include a CTA or announce a giveaway.

4. Use chapters to break the video

YouTube has a feature of breaking videos into chapters. With the help of this feature, you will make your long YouTube video easier to consume for the viewers. The viewers will have a better chance at understanding what they can expect next in the video. Develop a strategy on how you can break up the video into segments. Each chapter in the YouTube video should have a compelling intro followed by an interesting narrative. Creating an outline would be useful in this process.

5. Include pattern interruption in your long videos

Increasing your YouTube subscribers, and having them stick around for a long time depends on one important factor – engagement. This can be done by using the technique of pattern interruption. Your viewers often get bored when similar narratives and images repeat themselves in a long video. You can use pattern interruption by changing the camera angle, on-screen graphics and B-roll.


With these tips and tricks, you will be able to keep your viewers engaged with your long-form video essay. By ensuring that your viewers watch the video until the end, you will not only increase your YouTube Watch Time but also reel in new YouTube subscribers. can make this process easier for you. We provide a variety of YouTube services to increase the watch time, views, shares and buy YouTube subscribers for your channel. Contact us today to know more about premium YouTube services.

Hot Tips to Make Videos That Encourage More YouTube Views & Saves

In the world of video content creation, there is a huge difference between getting the attention of the audience and holding their attention. In order to get more views and saves on your video, you need to create engaging content that keeps the viewers hooked for longer. The goal is to create videos that encourage your viewers to interact with you.

The following points will guide you through the process of creating a strategy for making engaging content that will get you more YouTube views and saves.

1. Try to find out the preferences of your audience

You might have great ideas for content for your channel. However, you will not get the views and saves for your video content until you determine what your audience wants to see. First of all, you need to look for signs of engagement, which can be observed in the form of comments, likes, audience retention rates and new subscribers. If you see enough of these, it means that the viewers are more likely to save videos from your channel for future reference.

You can determine the preferences of your viewers by creating a poll card within the video or in the comment section. Another great way is to see the comments of the audience of your competitor’s channel. Once you find out what is on the mind of your viewers, you will be able to adapt your content to suit their needs.

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2. Create YouTube Playlists

One of the best ways to get more YouTube views for your channel is by creating a playlist. Besides organizing your videos neatly, YouTube playlists also allow your viewers to play your videos on a loop because of the inherent features of these playlists. When your viewers watch it on loop, the watch time for your channel will automatically go up. The viewers will also have the option of saving the entire playlist for future reference.

The greatest advantage of creating playlists is that it will allow people to watch many of your videos in the same session. It will also push your channel in the recommendation list, which will allow you to gain more views and subscribers. It is important to create the playlist strategically so that the videos that are related or complement each other are included in the same playlist. If you throw in unrelated content in a playlist, you could end up losing your viewership quite fast.

3. Give Your Audiences a Reason to Stay

Most people, on average, spend more than an hour every day watching online video content. So it is useful to determine how you can get people to stay on your channel for longer and save videos from your channel in their library. You should try to communicate to the audience about the benefits they will derive from watching the video. For instance, if your video is about dog training, you should try to tell the audience about the benefits of dog training. The explanation should also be compelling enough so that the viewers come back to it for reference.

When you present the audience with an instructional video, it is important to present the content in a concise manner. This is why you need to plan your content ahead of time. Create a video script to get to the point faster so that the interest of your audience is maintained.


The main goal of devising any content creation strategy for YouTube is to build a strong subscriber base. If you have a good number of YouTube subscribers, you will get more views on your future content. If you are looking to get free YouTuber subscribers, then is the place to be. We provide a range of YouTube services to help in the growth of your channel. So contact us today to find out more!

The Ups and Downs of Life as a YouTube Creator

Being a YouTube content creator has an allure of its own, enticing many digital savvy and passionate youngsters to come up with their channels. There’s a broad spectrum of benefits that individuals and businesses can derive from the social network, which a community of 22,000 creators with the number of subscribers exceeding a million. That’s quite a competitive space for anyone to make a distinct mark.

Perks of being a YouTube content creator

Let’s first look at some alluring aspects of YouTube content creators. It’s true that the dopamine rush YouTube content creators get is closely associated with their success on the social media platform. The ups are really high, and can turn anyone into a star in the space overtime. YouTube for them is a platform that unleashes their expression of ideas—a medium between them and their audience that can influence minds impactfully. It shrinks the world for content creators, giving them incredible opportunities to interact on a global scale.

YouTube, as a social media network, enables curators to grow and develop in character, eventually making them known brand names in the online world. YouTube content creators of varied age groups have already made a huge name for themselves—just by sharing content that actually sells to the target audience. Emotional appeal remains a constant factor in their videos, striking a chord with people at the right level.

For YouTube content creators, running a YouTube channel is nothing less than stepping out of their comfort zones and stepping into more confident shoes. The platform proves the right tool that eliminates self-doubt of creators and allows them to embrace different parts of their personality. You can explore any theme under the sun and follow the best practices for building an audience and eventually becoming a powerful influencer who gets paid to feature content of other brands. So, revenue generation is extremely seamless on YouTube, making it all the more attractive to novice content curators.

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The downs of being a YouTube content curator

No matter how high YouTube content creators reach, all that fame and recognition come with some personal costs. Any dip in their popularity can bring out serious psychological and social repercussions for them.
The online reputation and worth of YouTube content creators are reflected by the range of metrics that are used for performance measurement. They look at YouTube as a website that helps them forge tight-knit relationships and leverage economic opportunities.

It is not uncommon to find YouTube content creators attach a huge deal of meaning to metrics, not only their own but also their rivals in the realm. There comes about a sense of rivalry, sometimes really ugly ones—something that can trigger a controversy in the online space.

Also, there will always be people who would try to bring down others. YouTube content creators are then prone to extreme lows, often causing them to lose patience. Their response can make or break their online reputation, meaning diplomacy and tact should be their second nature.

The privacy of YouTube content creators is another concern that the platform is trying to better with each passing year. There have been creators who were extremely disappointed to find their ideas stolen or distorted by other creators. This is where copyright laws come into the picture, often dragging YouTube content creators into expensive legal disputes and perhaps, bringing on negative publicity.


Creating and running a YouTube channel is a challenge, and any hurdle on the road can be perturbing for many creators. The key to making the ups and downs a beautiful journey lies in being patient and perseverant. It’s essential that YouTube content creators continue to create valuable and relevant content for their audience and win an edge in a competitive realm. If you need to get Free YouTube Likes or Subscribers to make your channel successful, it is a good idea to talk to the experts at

Top Things You Need to Know About YouTube Music

If you are an avid music fan, then you must check out YouTube Music for sure. The music streaming app was announced in 2018, making it a relatively new entrant from the realm of Google. It’s worth noting that the music streaming service focuses on all forms of music—from official albums and songs to personalized playlists to remixes and unplugged performances.

If you wish to know more about YouTube Music, then here goes the list:

1. Close competitor of Spotify

Both YouTube Music and Spotify are alike because both are music streaming mobile apps. The competition becomes even more cut-throat with the sameness of their versions. Both come in free and premium versions. The free version is supported by ads. The premium version provides uninterrupted listening, playlist download, and background listening.

2. Focus on discovery features

Like most other music streaming apps, YouTube Music puts a great deal of emphasis on its music discovery features. The catalog of music on YouTube Music is plain extensive. You search for anything, and you will find it. The home screen is extremely dynamic, meaning it keeps changing whether you are using the app or not. It recommends music based on your preferences, but it’s interestingly location-sensitive and can recommend music based on what you are presently doing.

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3. Videos are a prominent feature too

It’s not so surprising that Google has given YouTube Music a touch of the video-oriented YouTube platform. Whether you are using the mobile app or the browser, you will find the videos are a prominent feature on YouTube Music too. When you select a particular song on the app, you will be given a choice whether you wish to listen to the song or instead watch the video. When you use the platform through the browser, you will find a video-focused experience like YouTube.

4. Google Play Music users can get YouTube Music for free

Do you have an account with Google Play Music? You can make the best use of that account by getting YouTube Music because you don’t have to pay a buck for that. It’s completely free! It’s not very clear why Google has done so, but users do speculate that both platforms could become one at some point in time. Nevertheless, you have nothing to regret because you are going to get a seamless listening experience on YouTube Music.

5. There are different price tiers

YouTube Music is available in an ad-supported version. Although it’s free, the app will not allow you to listen to music in the background. To overcome this hurdle, you need to become a premium user by choosing one of the three packages:

  • Student: $4.99
  • Standard: $9.99
  • Family: $14.99

When you go for the premium version, you get a range of features that includes offline listening, ad-free listening, and background listening. You can also check out the trial options if you are a new user.

6. You will love the layout

Last but not least, it’s worth speaking a little about the user experience of the music app. YouTube Music is a seamless and lovely mobile app. It’s simple and easy to use. Each screen is tailored to meet the needs of a savvy music lover. The home screen reflects your personal choices—something that the app asks for when you open the app for the first time after downloading it. The layout makes it a lot simpler to discover recommended playlists and music videos.


The above are some of the aspects of YouTube Music you should know. The best part about it is that it features the entire collection of tracks that you will find on YouTube, making it a one-stop platform for all your needs. Check it out and experience all its features for yourself.

If you have a YouTube channel and are looking to boost its growth, SoNuker can help with free YouTube subscribers and likes. Get in touch with us today.

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