Getting Your Twitch Audience to Subscribe to Your YouTube Channel: Tips & Tricks

Twitch is the foremost destination for gamers and game streamers. Since the platform’s launch in 2011, it has been the primary space for all gaming-related discussions, debates, and community activities. Thousands of streamers have taken to Twitch to earn a living through their gaming skills. 

While Twitch dominated the gaming space, YouTube did not stay far behind. YouTube Gaming vs. Twitch is a hot debate today. Now YouTube is as popular as Twitch for streaming games. Many YouTubers have turned gamers and changed their life in the process. 

But the most critical question remains: How to get the best of both worlds? If you are a game streamer, you know it would not hurt to have your Twitch audience in your YouTube channel. They will increase your reach subscriber count and help you build a better community. 

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Get your Twitch audience to your YouTube

The first step in getting your twitch audience to your YouTube is to have a solid community at Twitch. It begins with consistent streaming in the high-quality audio-video. These are just the fundamentals, and growing on Twitch is a separate subject. 

Once you have a solid fanbase in Twitch, you can start thinking about getting them over to other platforms. Remember that in 2022, no single platform is more significant than YouTube. However, YouTube is not a standalone video library. You need to take your YouTube marketing skills to the next level to grow in YouTube. One way to do it is through free YouTube views and free YouTube subscribers. Another approach is to bring the audience from one platform to the other—both works depending on the circumstance.

Target different social media platforms 

You are already in a good spot if you have a substantial fanbase on social media platforms apart from YouTube. We will consider Instagram as an example. 

Instagram is not a typical game streaming platform. However, with the introduction of Instagram reels, it is easier than ever to post short snippets of your game streams and reach millions of people. But that’s not what we are concerned with here. Instead, our focus is on the consequence of this reach. 

Assuming that you have a substantial number of Instagram followers, it will be straightforward to incentivize them to check out your YouTube channel. Once they are there, how long they stick around depends entirely on the quality of your content. If your content has a grip on the audience, your subscriber count will shoot in no time. 

Incentivizing followers to join your YouTube

A straightforward example of incentivizing followers is posting only a snippet in your Instagram or Twitter handle and linking the whole YouTube video. Once you create intrigue with the short snippet, your audience will feel compelled to check out your YouTube as well. Make sure that the snippet does not give away everything – save the most exciting parts for your YouTube video. 

Another example of incentivizing is partnering with brands. Micro-influencers can partner with local businesses to offer discount coupons or vouchers to the audience. Announce about the same on all platforms, including your Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and whatever else you use. However, remember to only collaborate with brands with a relevant product or service. 

Build a community

Once you have a solid community in place, they will follow you no matter which platform. Focus on building a community of your Twitch audience. Get them to talk to each other, host live events, offer giveaways. Doing these things will incite the community feeling and help you grow your YouTube channel. 


Getting professional assistance while building your YouTube presence is never a bad idea. SoNuker helps you do that with their efficient tools and services.

How To Deal With Difficult Subscribers In Your Business YouTube Account

Running YouTube for business can be very difficult at times, and even more confusing when you see your subscriber count stuck at the same place. Even worse, you might be losing subscribers often.

Another unaddressed challenge is dealing with difficult YouTube subscribers. Not everyone subscribed to your channel wants to see you grow. Some might target your content with negative reviews and damage your brand image.

So how do you navigate through these challenges and make your channel grow? That’s what we will discuss today.

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How to deal with troll subscribers

Before getting into dealing with troll subscribers, you should understand the two main types of subscribers who might be hurting your channel (not really if you know what to do).

Spam subscribers: Spam subscribers do not hurt your YouTube business channel on the surface, but can make the interactive experience bad for your genuine subscribers and followers. While scrolling through YouTube comments, we often come across spam comments which are often NSFW. For a business account, it is a huge problem considering the wide demographics of people watching these videos. You would not want to see such comments in a video for kids’ products or educational content. Such comments are irritating no matter what the video is about.

Negative comments: Some comments are not mindless spam. Instead, they are targeted to make your channel appear in a bad light. Dealing with these comments is different from dealing with spam comments since they often have real value. However, the problem intensifies if these comments get a lot of likes and replies. You will suddenly find the comment section criticizing every aspect of the video, the brand, and even the business. If left unchecked, it can have a disastrous effect on your channel.

How to deal with difficult subscribers?

If you are dealing with spam comments, there are a couple of things you can do straight from the YouTube Studio.

  1. 1. You can always report these comments as spam. Once you do that YouTube will review the comment to see whether it qualifies as spam. If it is, it will be removed from the comment section.
  2. However, it might be very difficult to report each spam comment one by one if you have too many in your comment section. For that you can:

  3. 2. Keep all comments for review from your YouTube Studio settings. That way, they will only appear in the comment section when you approve them.
  4. 3. The third option should be reserved for rare cases: disable comments in your video altogether.

Dealing with negative publicity

YouTube Studio does not offer anything that will help you evade negative comments. If you report negative comments that are not spam, you might get banned from YouTube. In this case, you have to proceed with tact and caution.

Engage with your audience

If you see a negative comment, consider replying to it politely. It gives the impression of a thoughtful and considerate business account that cares about its customers. You can also buy YouTube comments that expose the lie of negative comments without engaging with them as the creator.

Find patterns

If you see similar negative comments in many videos, see whether something is wrong and how you can get it right. Be it the production quality or accuracy of content, you can always learn from negative comments.

Address trolls in your video

If you address genuine trolls in your video without waiting for them to make the first move, you will have the sympathy of the audience. They will realize that the negative comments they see are nothing more than trolls.

If you have difficulty growing your YouTube presence, SoNuker can help you find direction. With our tools and features, your YouTube account will grow at an unmatched scale and take your business to new heights.

YouTube Stats That Show Why Your Business Cannot Afford To Miss Out

Most brands and businesses already realize the importance of YouTube for short and long-term success. However, we are not asking you to take our word for it. Numbers don’t lie, and that’s what we bring to you today. If these 5 YouTube statistics can’t convince you of the importance of YouTube, we doubt if anything else will.

2 billion people log into YouTube every month

That makes it nearly 1/4th of the world population. The sheer number of YouTube users gives it an edge over all other platforms. The only close competitor is Facebook, but both platforms work very differently. What is the implication of this stat? It means that whatever your niche may be, you will find people interested in your videos if they have valuable content. No wonder there are so many successful YouTube channels on unconventional topics.

74% of the adult population in the United States use YouTube

There’s no denying that the United States continues to be a global leader in economy and entrepreneurship. With almost 75% of US citizens using YouTube, it is a great opportunity for overseas businesses to target this market. The United States also happens to be one of the wealthiest countries in the world. For many small businesses located in third-world countries, the US market is their biggest source of revenue. The percentage is set to grow even more in the coming years. If you are thinking about when would be the right time to join YouTube, you cannot go wrong with starting immediately.

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77% of people aged between 15 and 25 use YouTube

Millennials are the most tech-savvy generation living right now, and the future will be dominated by them. More than 1/3rd of the millennial population regularly uses YouTube, and these figures come from a 2020 survey. The number has definitely increased in 2021, and continue to rise in 2022. Tapping into the youth consciousness is one of the best ways to use YouTube for business success. To do that successfully, nothing can perform better than YouTube.

YouTube is open to all genders, races, and sexualities

YouTube is an open space where people can freely communicate without spreading hate. The sex ratio of YouTube users reveals that it is one of the most socially aware platforms. While male users have marginally more representation (55%), female users are not far behind (45%). It is also interesting to note that after the United States, India contributes the highest traffic to YouTube. With social awareness becoming a key point in brand image, YouTube is the best place to elevate brand awareness and spread positive social messages.

Adult users spend an average of 42 minutes on YouTube daily

If the average is as high as 42 minutes, you can guess how much time heavy users spend on YouTube. Some spend hours every day, while for others YouTube is the primary source of entertainment. For businesses, it is a great opportunity to tap into this viewing time and leverage it for profits. Companies pay enormous amounts for a few seconds of advertisement time. With a personalized YouTube business channel, they can create better promotional content without paying all that money to YouTube and/or influencers. You can even buy YouTube watch hours to get even more engagement. That’s the reason big and small businesses alike are trying to solidify their YouTube presence.


Stats reveal the truth behind the hype. In the case of YouTube, the hype is as real as it gets. The possibilities to leverage YouTube for businesses are endless. With assistance from YouTube marketing experts like SoNuker, you can also make the most of YouTube for your brand.

A Brief YouTube Marketing Guide

The domain of social media has many players – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and even Reddit to name a few. On the contrary, one platform continues to dominate video hosting: YouTube. With more than 2 billion people watching YouTube videos every month, it can be the single best thing for any business.

If you are a business owner going into 2022 without a YouTube channel, you are making a huge mistake. The earlier notion that YouTube is only for video creators is breaking down rapidly. Now businesses of every size from all sectors are entering YouTube, and there are good reasons behind it. You can win customers and clients solely from YouTube, and take your business to the next level.
Here’s everything you need to know about YouTube marketing in 2022.

Create a YouTube channel

It’s surprising that many businesses do not have a dedicated YouTube channel in 2021. Do not make the same mistake in 2022, and make a channel first.
The most important thing to keep in mind is that your business’s YouTube channel should not overlap with any personal YouTube channels. They should be kept separate at all times. Unless you have a dedicated channel, your brand awareness will not grow. It’s a simple, no-cost first step for business owners.

YouTube Channel Evaluation service
Do you need a YouTube expert to complete an in-depth evaluation of your YouTube channel & provide you with an action plan?

Know your audience

Every YouTube channel has an audience base, and they make content primarily for these people. If you do not know who is watching your videos, you cannot continue making similar content that appeals to them. 2022 YouTube trends are all about custom content for your audience base.

YouTube analytics is a great place to start. It will give you demographic information about the viewers and subscribers. Another great way to know your audience is by interacting with them in the comment section and the video. Host live sessions where viewers can ask direct questions, and reply to comments that resonate with you. Once you know your audience, other things will fall in place automatically.

Post content regularly

If you create one epic video and then forget about posting for two months, it will have very little effect on your channel’s growth. Notice any top YouTuber, and you will see how consistent they are with their content. Consider making a content calendar that details what you will post and when. You can also buy YouTube shares to get your videos to reach more people regularly. Maintain a frequency so your viewers know when your next video will arrive. It can range anywhere from daily to once a week to once a month. Keep the frequency as high as possible without compromising on quality. Posting bad content is as ineffective as posting irregular content.

Pay attention to SEO

Search engine optimization is not only for websites and blogs. YouTube also uses the same algorithm, but viewers’ preferences also play a key role here. Include keywords in your video titles and descriptions to fall in favor of the algorithm. At the same time, catchy titles play a huge role in determining whether people scroll past your video or actually watch it. YouTube SEO will continue to be an important factor in 2022.

Learn from competition

Instead of being worried about competition, earn from them. See what other successful channels in your domain are doing, and what you can learn from them. However, remember that you won’t create positive brand awareness by cloning content from other channels. Learn the fundamental ideas, and implement them in your own original content.


The trend of businesses going online will continue in 2022. YouTube will be one of the favorite destinations for business owners because of its reach and scope. Modern tools and services like SoNuker will play an important role in scaling YouTube presence for businesses.

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