Tips to Increase Foreign Audience for Your YouTube Channel

Growing on YouTube is a long and arduous process, but it can get easier with a fanbase that transcends nationality, language, culture. The most significant benefit of being a YouTube influencer is the number of free YouTube subscribers you get worldwide. With the help of multilingual videos and subtitles, today, it is possible for anyone to have a global audience, no matter where they are. 

Here are a few tips and tricks for you to increase the number of foreign subscribers:

Find a niche with global interest

Not all niches have a global appeal. Some niches are very local – nationwide vlogging, for example. On the other hand, some niches have a global fanbase. For example, if you make content about soccer, you will reach the audience across continents. On the contrary, if your content focuses on baseball, people from very few countries will show interest in it. 

That does not mean you force yourself to create content that has a global appeal. Instead, you can take your regional content and give it a global flavor. With the availability of international news and trends, doing that is easier than ever. 

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Collaborate with YouTubers in foreign countries

Like any other social media platform, YouTube brings together people from different parts of the world. That means an excellent opportunity for influencers to collaborate with creators across cultures and boundaries. Apart from getting to know each other and the foreign culture, it also makes very appealing content for the viewers. You can quickly get free YouTube views for your international content and make them stand out in your channel. These collaborations would, in turn, bring foreign subscribers to your channel in numbers.

The importance of video transcriptions and subtitles

Everyone can’t create multilingual videos consistently. that does not mean you will be losing out on the benefits of having an international audience. The simplest way to overcome this challenge is through video transcriptions and subtitles. 

Getting subtitles and transcriptions for your video content has never been easier. There are numerous online tools that you can use to generate accurate subtitles and transcriptions. With the help of these tools, anyone can create subtitles and transcription that are perfectly accurate. 

Another good idea is to have a blog counterpart to your YouTube channel. Despite the growing popularity of video content, blogs still have a solid readership, and many people prefer blogs to videos. With a blog associated with your YouTube channel, you can turn the readers to your YouTube subscribers. 

Make your content relatable

It is effortless to make videos on subjects that do not go beyond your comfort zone. On the other hand, making relatable content for a global audience can become very difficult. However, once you overcome that challenge, you open doors to new possibilities. Try to make your videos relatable to the global audience using internet slang, popular memes, and other mainstream tropes and themes. 

Invest in quality

To have subscribers worldwide, your content should also be world-class. Take care of your video quality, audio clarity, shooting angles, lighting, and all other aspects that make an average video professional. Once your videos speak for themselves, subscribers from different parts of the world will start pouring in. 


YouTube influencer marketing is both challenging and extremely rewarding. Many budding YouTubers struggle with the different aspects of creating a successful YouTube channel. With the help of professional service providers like SoNuker, anyone can make it into the world of YouTube influencers. 

How Giving Free YouTube Gift Cards Can Help Double Your Subscriber Base in No Time

Nobody would hate to receive gift cards on YouTube, be it a friend or a subscriber. However, not all gifts are the same, and many would not be interested in free giveaways and things like that. What no one will dislike is a YouTube gift card. It is not a materialistic gift, so you need not worry about shipping and transportation. It is far from a useless gift and opens a world of possibility for the receiver. In the end, it is easy to buy and give, even in bulk. 

What are YouTube gift cards?

Most of us are familiar with Amazon gift cards or similar cards from supermarkets or online stores. If you do not already know what YouTube gift cards are, you might be wondering about their use. Unlike Amazon, people are not buying things from YouTube. The primary benefit of YouTube gift cards is to purchase premium content from YouTube. It is a simple and easy way to gift someone a YouTube premium membership or a YouTube Music membership. But why should you choose gift cards in the first place? That’s what we will explore now. Apart from getting free YouTube subscribers through tools and services, getting them through gift cards is the most effective. 

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Why gift cards are a great gifting option

For YouTubers, it is nothing unnatural to organize giveaways. It is not always a charitable action. Sometimes there are very practical commercial motives to it. For example, if you are working with a brand and launching a new product, it might be a great idea to give pieces in giveaways and get feedback from the users. It provides the brand with a clear picture of improving and working on. 

On the other hand, YouTubers often organize giveaways to better connect with subscribers. For example, it is not uncommon for YouTubers to give away personalized gifts and items. By doing so, they strengthen their bond with the subscribers and create a stronger sense of community. 

So, where do gift cards fall into this scenario? 

  • Anyone can use a gift card. That’s a huge plus when you consider that giveaways are often random. You might end up giving away books to someone who never reads. You might giveaway fashion accessories that do not go with someone’s style. You don’t need to think about any of these things with gift cards. Anyone can, and will, use them at the first opportunity. 
  • It is straightforward to buy YouTube gift cards. Redeeming gift cards is even easier. Now that Amazon sells YouTube gift cards, getting access to them is easier than ever. For many other gifting options, the logistics are a huge hassle. 

How to double your subscriber base with YouTube gift cards?

Coming back to the main question, it is possible to double your subscriber base within a few months with the correct use of YouTube gift cards. 

  • Make the announcement big. Tell everyone that you will be giving away free YouTube gift cards. Please post it on all your socials and get people talking about it.
  • Associate an event or activity with your giveaway. It could be as simple as a live chat or a grand event involving fellow YouTubers. The idea is to make the event something worth talking about. 
  • Ask your present subscribers to spread the word and work on your YouTube engagement. They can be your most potent marketing tool if you are willing to work with them. 

Once you have done these few things and hosted a successful event, you should increase the subscriber count in no time. 


If this seems a little too complicated, consider getting professional assistance. With SoNuker, acing your YouTube game has never been easier. 

Strategies for Nano Influencers to Grow Their YouTube Subscriber Base

As a nano influencer on YouTube, the possibilities to grow and thrive are endless. What you need is a solid plan and a lot of hard work. The biggest challenge that nano influencers face is in increasing subscriber count. Unlike reputed and established YouTuber influencers, nano influencers do not have the needle move all by itself. They have to put effort into every subscriber and make sure that their content is relevant and valuable. Here’s a step-by-step strategy for nano influencers on YouTube to grow their brand and increase subscriber count. 

Target your potential subscriber base

There are many ways to increase your subscriber count on YouTube, including ways to get free YouTube subscribers. In all these cases, you need to identify your target audience first. Once you know which people watch your content and get value from them, you can make more focused and targeted content. The key is to ensure that all your subscribers have a common thread of interest. Do your research using social media analytics tools in Google and Facebook to understand what people are talking about and taking an interest in. Once you have done that, you have a solid foundation for a thriving YouTube channel. 

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Reach out to brands

As a nano influencer on YouTube, it might be difficult for you to get brands to reach you on their own. While that happens in due course of time, you must first start with actively reaching out to brands with a matching vision and values. Influencer marketing on YouTube is about brand promotions and creating a personal brand. When you have a few brands working with you, the number of people they refer back to you will be substantial. 

Work on personal branding

YouTube influencers cannot negotiate with their brand. It is the most critical thing for nano influencers to do to grow their subscriber base. Working on personal branding has many aspects, but the underlying idea is to have authority in your domain. Consider your branding efforts successful if you get people to try out a product or service only because you promoted it. It is essential to have an impressive YouTube profile to create a personal brand. Consider getting free YouTube likes and increasing your subscriber count, along with adding valuable and regular content. 

Connect with fellow influencers

In the modern world of social media, you cannot get very far without efficient networking skills. For nano influencers on YouTube, that means reaching out to fellow YouTubers in your niche. You can collaborate on events together to help each other with subscriber count and views. You can learn new things from each other and grow together. Most importantly, it gives the audience a better experience of valuable content. While reaching out to fellow YouTubers, be sure to use more than just one platform. You can connect on Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and many other places. 

Be consistent

There’s no shortcut to success in the world of YouTube. Consistently publishing new content will take your subscriber count to a great place. On the contrary, even if you post high-quality content at irregular intervals, your videos will be lost in the sea of videos on YouTube. Determine a schedule for publishing new content and follow it at all costs. 


Nano influencers on YouTube can benefit significantly from professional assistance in their YouTube journey. With SoNuker, you get all the tools and features that any nano influencer needs to grow on YouTube. 

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