Tips to Increase Watch Hours on YouTube

YouTube is the biggest video content platform. If you use it in the right way, it can help you reach a ton of new customers. However, this is easier said than done. With so much content out there, it is hard to keep your viewer engaged. New content is added to the platform every minute, and if you want viewers to watch your content, you need to stand out.

In this article, we will be providing you with some tips to increase watch hours on YouTube:

1. Make content that is evergreen

Being discovered on YouTube is not easy. However, if you upload videos that are relevant year-round and might appear in the search results, you can increase the chances of getting recommended by YouTube. These evergreen content videos bring in plenty of watch time along with a ton of traffic. In order to make such videos, you have to focus on the following:

  • Provide information that is valuable to people
  • Answer questions that viewers are asking

Videos like tutorials on cooking or changing a tire are some examples of evergreen content.

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2. Work on video optimization

By improving your videos’ SEO, you can increase your YouTube watch time. A better SEO helps your video get a higher rank in the SERPs. This can ensure that your video reaches the people who actually want to see your content. It can help you with monetization as well.

Optimizing your videos is easy. Here are a few steps to help you get started:

  • Main keyword – You can start video SEO by deciding the search term your video must rank for. This search term can be your main keyword. For example, if your video is a tutorial on mixing colors and is targeted toward newbies, your main keyword can be ‘mixing colors tutorial for beginners.’
  • Add keywords in the video – You have to say your main keyword in your video. This way, when YouTube processes your video, it can detect the keyword. If the keyword fits your content, your video will rank higher in the search results.
  • Add keyword in the title – It is important to add the main keyword to your video’s title. So, if your main keyword is ‘mixing colors tutorial for beginners,’ your title can be ‘Mixing Colors Tutorial for Beginners (No Prior Experience Needed).’
  • Add keyword in the description and tags – Apart from the title, you also need to add the keyword in the description and tags of the video. For this, you can use a different version of your main keyword.

3. Add pattern interrupt

How well your viewers are engaging with the video is what makes them want to stick around or leave. By adding interrupting patterns, you can increase watch hours on YouTube. Pattern interrupt refers to a technique that changes a particular situation, behavior, or thought. This can include on-screen graphics, B-roll, or frequent camera angle changes. If your video includes a repetitive narrative or similar images, your bounce rate will climb as people will get bored. Instead, you can use pattern interruptions to seize the attention of your viewership for a long time.

YouTube has provided its creators with a plethora of analytics that you can use to grow. However, the most important factor that you have to consider to grow your channel is your subscribers. They can give you the best growth advice. They will let you know the exact video that they want to watch. All you have to do is listen. Check the comment section of your videos where engaged viewers write their video ideas and ask you to film them. You should give these ideas a change as they can help you get more watch hours.

If you need some help growing your channel, you can buy the services of platforms like, which helps you get YouTube free subscribers. This tool can help you get free YouTube views, free YouTube subscribers, and free YouTube likes. With this tool under your belt, you will be able to grow and manage your channel better.

What Languages Should Your YouTube Subtitles Be to Increase Viewership?

Are you a content creator on YouTube? If yes, then this article is for you.
Adding subtitles or captions to your videos is no longer an option. If you haven’t already been using it, consider this as your sign to start. Most videos watched on social media platforms are played with the sound turned off. This is because people are often busy and prefer to multitask. This is just one of the many reasons why you need to start using subtitles and captions in your videos. Read on to learn about the benefits of adding subtitles and the languages you should be using for YouTube subtitles to increase your viewership.

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Benefits of adding subtitles on your YouTube videos

If you want to increase traffic to your videos, subtitles can help you with that. When you add subtitles in multiple languages, you are creating the possibility of searching the videos in different languages. It will result in increased popularity of your content. Having the same content in multiple languages means that you will have more inbound links, pages, and keyword ranking, which will make your videos get noticed more.

Also, it is important to note that even today, most creators don’t add subtitles in different languages. This means that your videos will become more popular among viewers from different countries. After all, such viewers will prefer your content over a video that provides similar content but without subtitles. Needless to say, the benefits of adding subtitles to your YouTube video are endless.

The most commonly used languages for subtitles

The subtitle language that you use for your video will depend on the demographic that you are trying to reach. In today’s age of the internet, YouTube usage isn’t limited to a local audience. Millions of people all over the globe use YouTube to watch videos of their favorite content creators. So, even if you are a German creator who creates videos in German, it doesn’t mean that your audience should be limited to German viewers. By creating subtitles, you can provide your content for non-German viewers as well. The most common languages that are used for subtitles are English, Spanish, French, and Chinese. Some other popular languages that you can use for YouTube subtitles are Russian and Arabic. These languages are spoken by millions of people all over the world and can help you widen your audience.

To determine what language you should be using for your YouTube subtitles, you have to take a look at YouTube user statistics. Even though English remains the most used YouTube language, there are a few countries that are quite prominent on the platform:

  • India
  • South Korea
  • Germany
  • Mexico
  • Japan
  • Russia
  • Brazil
  • France

So, you should prioritize the languages spoken in these countries for subtitle translation. Even if you create content in English and have native English speakers as a majority portion of your audience, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t add subtitles. Subtitles are required when you have a strong accent. It will help your viewers have a clear understanding of what you are saying. Also, many people watch foreign language videos on YouTube to improve their language skills. So, even if you don’t have a strong accent, it is recommended that you use subtitles. It will help your viewers comprehend your videos better and come back for more.

Adding subtitles is not the only way to increase your subscribers on YouTube. can help you get free YouTube viewers and free YouTube subs. If you want more, you can opt for their premium services and buy YouTube likes, buy YouTube comments, and buy YouTube subscribers. By getting this taken care of, you can focus on the quality of your content.

Top 5 Colors People Love to See in YouTube Videos

People love the effect colors can have on their minds, and they expect something similar when they watch your YouTube videos. Believe it or not, your YouTube video background color has a profound subliminal effect on your viewers, either causing them to stay hooked on or leave your YouTube channel. This is evident from the viewer psychology fact that different colors can elicit different emotions in people and trigger different behavioral responses. While the effect takes place deep in the psyche of people, it’s a long-lasting determinant of your ability to attract and retain new YouTube subscribers.

So, it’s imperative that you know about color psychology to create the right YouTube video background and boost engagement on your channel. The tips below should help you use color psychology to attract new YouTube subscribers by creating the desired impact on them:

1. Speed-up decision-making by using red

It’s seen that the color red has such an effect on viewer psychology that it can create a sense of urgency and speed up decision-making. The characteristics of red, which is a vibrant one, exudes energy and is seen to increase the heart rate of people. Using it to target bottom-of-the-funnel YouTube subscribers with offers and discounts can prove rewarding for brands. However, you should be careful about how you use this color because it can also elicit negative emotions. The key is to use it sparingly, only to highlight what’s most urgent.

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2. Increase your click-through rate with blue

As a YouTube marketer, you may be wondering about the association between your YouTube video background and CTR. Well, the application of color psychology has revealed that using the color blue in your YouTube channel, especially in your video thumbnails, can greatly increase the number of clicks your content gets. Blue creates a sense of trust and prompts people to make impulse buying decisions. Facebook and Twitter perhaps know this viewer psychology fact, which is why they have used it in their color scheme.

3. Create a friendly avatar with orange

The color orange does not always get the importance it deserves, but it’s actually smart to consider it as a color psychology hack. Most of you may not know, but orange is a great color to use for call-to-action (CTA) on your YouTube video. A YouTube video background that has orange often pushes people to take necessary action on your channel. It can be buying your merchandise or subscribing to your channel. If you want to boost conversions and paint a friendly picture of your brand before your new YouTube subscribers, you should certainly consider using orange in your channel.

4. Radiate luxury by using black

If you are offering something high-end and luxurious, using black in your YouTube video background would be a great way to positively influence viewer psychology. It’s a dark hue, but it’s truly an impactful one for showcasing luxury items and high-tech products. You can even use it in your video background if you wish to position yourself as an influencer. The color creates a sense of strength and power, which is why Rolls Royce and other high-end products make black a dominant part of their color scheme.

5. Calm the senses of your viewers with white

The soothing nature of white is known to everyone. You should consider using this widely desirable and acceptable color in all your monochromatic schemes. It’s the lightest mixture of all colors, and it’s just the color you should go for if you wish to create a sense of calm and peace through your YouTube video background. It’s simple and minimalistic, and it gives a clutter-free content layout, giving your viewers an interface that’s easy to navigate and view.

The above colors are just some of the many impactful ones that YouTube viewers love to see. Having an in-depth knowledge of color psychology can greatly enhance the quality of your videos, helping you attract new YouTube subscribers. If you wish to boost engagement on your channel, you can use a tool like SoNuker, which gives you free YouTube subscribers, free YouTube likes, and free YouTube comments.

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