All You Need to Know About Inclusive Marketing

One of the goals of a marketing strategy is to create a positive brand image. You want people to see you in a positive light. This is where inclusive marketing comes in. It helps ensure that your brand is able to connect with a wide range of audiences. In this article, you will learn what inclusive marketing is and how you can use it to create a stronger brand with your audience.

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What is inclusive marketing?

An inclusive marketing campaign is strategized to ensure that the brand considers diversity. This includes age, gender identity, ethnicity, appearance, religion, physical/mental ability, language, and socio-economic status. You should recognize that your audience comprises different groups of people. You need a creative marketing campaign that resonates with people from different walks of life. This form of marketing also recognizes that people can have multiple identities.

Things to consider before creating an inclusive marketing campaign

1. Avoid tokenism

Tokenism refers to superficial efforts made to be inclusive. For example, getting one gay person, one black person, or one disabled person into a group photo and considering this enough. This is shallow and perfunctory, which isn’t acceptable. You shouldn’t be doing something only for the sake of showing other people that your brand is inclusive.

So, if you are promoting gay rights for YouTube diversity and inclusion but not actually doing something about it, your efforts will be in vain. You might think that putting up some rainbow flags during Pride month is enough. This act remains meaningless if you only do this because people expect you to do this. Only genuine inclusive marketing efforts can reflect diversity in your company.

2. Work with your team

You cannot show that you are inclusive without applying it to your team. You should have a diverse team from different demographics and backgrounds. The diverse experiences that these individuals bring will help you grow and succeed. If possible, you can even recruit people from all over the world. Thanks to technology, remote work has become feasible. This will allow you to see your field from a different perspective. If you are unsure how you can find a diverse team, here are a few tips:

  • Offer inclusive benefits
  • Use different platforms for job vacancies
  • Add your diversity statement to the job posting
  • Partner with multicultural institutions

3. Update your content

Go back and take a look at the content you have posted. This content should represent different segments of the customers. If not, then you need to sit with your editors and writers and work on resting a guideline that makes it easier to incorporate inclusivity in your content.

One of the most important aspects of ensuring inclusivity in your content is not to make any assumptions. Always do your research, and don’t forget to cite reliable sources. Be careful while using the adjectives. Some words might have negative connotations, and it’s better to opt for the safer route. Instead of saying that you support inclusive marketing, use words that reflect this concept. Use diverse images in your articles.

Remember that your clients connect to your brand through your label. So, inclusive content should be one of your priorities.

4. Ask

It doesn’t matter how many books or articles you read; it won’t matter unless you talk to people from different backgrounds. Hire diverse people into the marketing team and find out what they like and what changes they would want to see. For example, to ensure that you do not discriminate against disabled people, you need people who can help you avoid becoming an ableist.

Inclusive marketing is crucial for companies, customers, and the world. You can use it to create relatable messages that are applicable to everyone and connect with your current and new customers. There are several tools that will help you reach out to new subscribers as well. SoNuker tool helps you get free YouTube likes and free YouTube subscribers. You can use this to increase your reach. The best part about this is that it allows you to focus more on creating more inclusive and diverse content without worrying about increasing your subscriber count.

How to Use YouTube Ads to Expand Your Audience Base?

The user diversity of YouTube

A gamut of factors makes YouTube Ads the go-to tool for brand marketers wanting to create an impact in the digital space. Speaking of YouTube, the Google-owned video-sharing platform, there are staggering numbers that justify its status as the second-largest search engine today.

About 500 hours of videos are uploaded per minute on YouTube, whose global advertising revenues were estimated to be close to $28.84 billion in 2021.

Moreover, 95 percent of the internet population worldwide watches YouTube, which is available in 80 languages and localized to 100 countries (Source). As such, the two-billion unique users of YouTube come from diverse backgrounds, requiring marketers to target their YouTube ads as specifically and precisely as possible.

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Targeting YouTube ads for expanded reach

For most marketers, targeting their YouTube ads can be a tough nut to crack, especially when there are so many options available. To make the affair easier, let’s take you through three of the most effective ways here.

1. Start with your remarketing list

If you are just starting with YouTube ads, it’s natural to feel clueless about who to target first. Why not start with your remarketing list—the people who already know your business? Targeting your YouTube ads toward your current audience is a great way to test your YouTube marketing strategy.

You can choose to target your website visitors, YouTube users, app users, or your customer list. Simply go to Audience Manager in Google Ads, and you will get options to categorize your target audience for your YouTube ads.

2. Focus on the placement of your YouTube ads

Audience targeting is great, but it comes with a downside—you don’t know where your YouTube ads are going to be shown. The placement of your ads is as important as your target audience. For YouTube ads, you get six options when it comes to placement:

  • YouTube videos
  • YouTube channels
  • Video lineups
  • Mobile applications
  • App categories
  • Third-party websites on Google’s Display Network

It’s important to note that while placement targeting of YouTube ads can be quite specific, Google enjoys the right to loosen its reins to some extent. Essentially, it can place your ad on multiple networks if there’s a match between other targeting options that you have layered into your ad group and your initial targeting.

3. Create your own custom audiences

One of the most effective ways to increase the reach of your YouTube ads is to create your own custom segments. These can truly help you reach the right audience. You can create custom segments for pretty much any industry because you are using URL names, keyword phrases, and application names to create them. For your YouTube ads, your custom segment should be based on user behavior and interests. You will find the option to create custom segments from the Audience Manager section of Google Ads.

Focus on creating a custom segment with deeper search intent, especially if you are using keyword phrases. List out your close competitors or the names of their products. Use this list to get your YouTube ads in front of users who may be looking for products that are quite similar to yours. The process is easy and much more affordable if you are aiming to increase your market share.


Getting your YouTube ads before the right audience is certainly not a piece of cake for marketers. Given the intense competition, you will have to be specific about who you are targeting and how. The above three tips should help you use YouTube ads in a way that expands your reach and your audience base. If you are looking for free YouTube subscribers and likes, you can use our platform SoNuker, which can boost the growth of your YouTube channel.

Best Video Editing Tips for YouTube

There’s no denying the fact that YouTube videos that are edited well get the most engagement by serving their intended purpose of communicating a message. But that’s where the challenge is. You may have got the best shots for your video content, but they will fail to create the desired impact if they are not compiled and edited to achieve a cohesive flow.

Honestly, editing YouTube videos is the job of a professional, and those who know visual storytelling and artistic expression certainly take center stage. You may be a novice in this game, but you can certainly become adept at it with enough practice.

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Do you need a YouTube expert to complete an in-depth evaluation of your YouTube channel & provide you with an action plan?

Below are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Add some hooks by varying your shots

YouTube videos that are shot with a single camera angle can be quite boring, to say the least. YouTube viewers look for engagement factors—the reasons that keep them hooked to a video till its end. Filming your entire video in one shot can be tempting, but it can harm your channel’s engagement big time. Instead, you should vary your camera shots. Add wide shots, close-ups, medium shots, and point-of-view shots to the mix. Such shots incite your viewers’ interest and engage them throughout.

2. Use transitions and effects for more impact

The truth is viewers crave YouTube videos that are high in quality and relevant in messaging. A bland and insipid video would fail to appeal to your audience. You really have to put in the time to edit your YouTube videos with professional transitions and effects. Your post-production stage will be about adding these special effects and transitions. There are a plethora of software applications that can help you create flawless YouTube videos. With these applications, you can incorporate a wide range of special effects, such as distortions, crossfades, glitch effects, etc. The more visually engaging your video is, the better your chances of success.

3. Use the right elements

Another extremely useful video editing tip would be to add titles, texts, and graphics to your YouTube videos. There’s a wide range of options available there. You can also get your hands on video-editing tools that make it easier to add these elements to your videos. Nonetheless, you should use simple font while adding texts to your YouTube videos. Motion graphics can also enhance your videos to a great extent by catching the visual attention of your viewers. You can choose to either create your own graphics or select from the templates that are already provided by the video editor. You may find the process slightly intimidating as a novice, but eventually, you should get the hang of it.

4. Set the sound right

Another extremely crucial element to focus on while editing YouTube videos is the sound. A video without sound is undoubtedly very boring. If your video is muffled or unclear, you will lose your audience. So, it’s important for you to invest a good amount of time and effect in getting the audio quality of your YouTube videos right. The camera microphone may not always prove a good choice. To achieve better sound quality, you should consider recording the audio of your YouTube videos with a separate recording system and microphone. You can leverage features like vocal contouring, vocal track extraction, AI wind removal, and punch and roll recording to create the perfect audio for your YouTube videos.

The above are just a few of the many tips that can help you create engaging, flawless YouTube videos. Much of your channel’s engagement depends on the quality of your videos. So, make sure you get this step right. You can choose to buy YouTube video SEO, but it’s also great to know the nitty-gritty of the video creation process. With a tool like SoNuker, you can drive the growth of your YouTube channel by increasing your subscribers, likes, and comments.

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