3 Effective Ways to Promote Content on YouTube – Our Guide

With nearly 300 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute, the platform has become much bigger than what others expected it to be nearly 10 years ago. Thanks to the higher upload volumes that have taken place in recent years, users now have different selections to choose from and topics to enjoy. 

As positive as it may be to see the platform expand immensely, YouTube’s rapid growth also spells trouble for content creators who have been trying to gain a competitive edge ever since they first started making videos. The tougher competitive atmosphere has also made it much harder for YouTube content creators to stand out and draw even more attention to their videos, especially when it comes to promotion

If you’ve been creating content on YouTube for a while now, chances are that you’re thinking of certain questions, such as: “why should viewers watch my content?”, “can users even find my content in the first place?” Out of all the different questions that you should ask at any stage of your content creation journey, however, you will undoubtedly want to know how you can promote your content in the most effective way possible. This question, in particular, is one that’s definitely worth answering. 

Regardless of whether you have a few hundred subscribers or thousands of them, there’s no doubt that knowing the best ways to promote your content is a concern that needs to be answered. Now that 2020 has officially begun and new opportunities await on YouTube, it’s best to get a head start on your promotion efforts.

That said, here are three effective ways to promote your content online: 

1. Set goals for the following metrics: likes, shares, comments, and subscribers

Quantifying your promotional goals is the first step towards achieving desired results from your efforts. After all, how can you possibly achieve your goal if you don’t know what you’re looking for in the first place? 

Before you start rolling out your promotional efforts, set the pace by establishing your content creation goals for 2020 in terms of how many likes, shares, comments, and subscribers you should get within the year. Aside from providing a goal that you can work towards, knowing your YouTube metric goals is also a great base for constructing how your promotional efforts will manifest.

2. Outfit your videos with thumbnails that grab a user’s attention

One of the most underrated yet effective ways to boost your promotional efforts is to equip every video with a thumbnail that can grab any user’s attention right away! 

Custom thumbnails essentially speak for your channel without saying a word. They tell users what your channel’s like, how devoted you are to creating quality content, and shows why your content is worth watching. Instead of lazily sticking to random stills in your video, enhance your promotional efforts by making sure that you get the minor details right. In this case, that means spending a bit of effort on making your thumbnails as attractive as possible! 

3. Harness the power of keywords in every aspect of your channel

Promoting your channel the right way entails using the best possible keywords to attract ideal subscribers that can stick with your content and passively promote it by word of mouth. Using important and effective keywords in your descriptions, titles, tags, and channel bio is an effective way to promote your content so that your target audience can find it with ease! 

Despite YouTube continuing to grow even more competitive each year, promoting your content and standing out from the rest of the competition isn’t as difficult as you may expect! Once you’ve taken the three key YouTube promotion tips in this article into consideration, you can ensure that your channel will be well on its way towards attracting more viewers in no time! 

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