3 Fastest Ways to Get 1,000 Subscribers on YouTube – Our Guide

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Being a content creator on YouTube, for the most part, is an experience that entails having to ask and seek answers to many questions that are undoubtedly relevant to your craft. With YouTube rising above the ranks of social media and giving the likes of Facebook and Twitter a run for their money, it should come as no surprise that seeking success on it has become a question-filled effort. 

What’s the best way to get millions of YouTube views?

How can I boost my channel’s impact on my potential subscriber base?

Is there any type of content that can gain as many loyal subscribers as possible?

What genre is easiest to create content for?

When should I start monetizing my content?” 

Out of all the different questions that you may find yourself asking about content creation and YouTube a whole, however, there’s one particular inquiry that may stand out: how long does it take to get a thousand subscribers?

At first, you may find yourself wondering about this specific number in the first place, but, as opposed to other possible number-based goals, a thousand is the most feasible to achieve, yet it also avoids being solely focused on short-term performance. Garnering a thousand subscribers is generally considered as both a significant milestone and building block for putting a long-lasting content creation empire together. 

If you’ve been looking to set sights on the race to YouTube success in the long-run, then it is imperative to know how long it will take to get your first thousand subscribers. To better understand the exact amount of time it could potentially take to reach this milestone, let’s look at a few different ways how you could possibly gain a thousand subscribers (and how long it can possibly take): 

1. Solo ads | Total duration: Anywhere between one to three months

Depending on the type of content that you create and how big your potential audience base may be, solo ads can easily get you an organic following of 1000 subscribers within a month to a quarter a year.

With proper planning, a fair budget, and properly-constructed ads or a digital marketing campaign, you can draw a reasonable 25 to 50 percent of subscribers per set of ad clicks. Generally speaking, a solo ad campaign can garner around 2,000 solo ad clicks, which will yield anywhere between 500 to 1000 subscribers within a certain period. While the quality of your solo ad-obtained subscribers may vary, it’s safe to say that the thousand that you’ll be getting will most likely be organic. 

2. Subscriber acquisition programs | Total duration: One week to a whole month

In recent years, several service providers have been extending their subscriber acquisition programs to content creators who strive to attain a certain amount of subscribers within a certain period. 

The total number of subscribers and how quickly you’ll be able to get to a thousand depends wholly on the scope of services and methods a program uses. Some subscriber acquisition programs may charge you on a per-subscriber basis, while others may offer a bundle package that either work based on a set number or a fixed period. It is worth noting, however, that subscriber acquisition programs aren’t transparent on how they work, which can make you a target for a subscriber purge—so acquire their services at your own risk! 

3. Free (or almost-free) products | Total duration: Two weeks to two months

Another effective and quick way to get high-quality subscribers on YouTube is to offer a standard giveaway— after all, who doesn’t love free items? 

The standard format for product giveaways that gains a significant amount of subscribers typically works like this: you offer a free product of value to potential subscribers, tell everyone what they can get out of the free product, and give it to them at the price of a confirmed subscription. As opposed to explicitly asking (or even begging) for subscriptions, the free product method effectively answers the underlying question of “what’s in it for me?”—which effectively allows your channel to get a thousand subscribers right away. 

Getting a thousand subscribers on YouTube can easily prove to be a worthy challenge for any content creator, regardless of how new or seasoned they may be. If you’re looking to grow your following and achieve YouTube stardom in the long-haul, then it’s worth considering the three options mentioned in this article! 

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