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Highest quality comments, manually delivered.


We watch your video and write relevant comments.


Delivery is spread out over multiple days.


100% safe & guaranteed delivery.


Results start in 48-72 hours & continue until complete.


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Why Use SoNuker?

Why is everyone buying YouTube comments?

Just as the saying goes; to be a man isn’t a day’s job, so I would also say to have a successful or viral video on YouTube isn’t also a day’s job. One fact that most people do not want to accept is that; YouTube is a social media marketing platform of its own. Most people see YouTube as a Giant Video Market; a place you go to when you want to host videos which are shared on social media platforms. This notion is very wrong. For us to really understand this; let us take each video we upload as a status update. How do you feel when no one comments on or likes your status? A viewer’s comment is the major way to ascertain his or her reaction towards your video. So you now see the need why it is important to have people comment on your videos. A YouTube comment is the major distinguishing factor between a normal video and a popular one. A popular video is obviously going to have more comments and engagements than a normal video. So, if you want to make your video become a popular one, it is necessary to have people comment on your video. If you are not organically getting comments, then the next best solution is to buy YouTube comments.

Now let me tell you why everyone is buying YouTube comments:

  1. Increased Engagement: When you purchase YouTube comments on your video, new viewers that are seeing your video will be tempted to watch and also want to engage themselves in the comment section. This will give rise to more and more viewers commenting on your video, thus increasing its rank in the search. As a result of this, more and more people will find your video.
  2. Flush out The Bad Eggs: We all know YouTube isn’t that place where everything is perfect. There is a lot of hostility and prejudice. Some very mean people will flood your comment section with a lot of negative reviews. The one way to salvage this situation is to buy YouTube comments to flush them out while you report them.
  3. Complements Your Bought Views: One thing that can easily out your bought views and likes is a low comment-to-view ratio. Usually when you have organic views and likes, such users find it okay to leave a comment or two. So as you purchase YouTube views and likes, also bear in mind to buy comments so that your video doesn’t begin to look suspicious. Buying comments will make your bought views and likes appear organic.

Quick advice, when you want to buy comments, endeavor you buy real comments, which is what we deliver. These real comments cannot be easily tracked by YouTube algorithms. These real comments are from people who are paid to give positive, relevant comments on your videos. These comments are meaningful and more realistic. It is far better than fake comments from bots which are most times; couples of jumbled words that are not meaningful in any sense.

What makes your comments high quality?

When you purchase YouTube comments from us, our team will watch your video and begin writing relevant, thoughtful and uplifting comments about your video. We then go the extra mile and spread out the delivery of your comments over several days.

Most other suppliers deliver generic “Great video!” types of comments because it’s much easier and less time consuming. Furthermore, they will go ahead and deliver all 20 comments as an example within just a few minutes.

The issue with seeing an influx of comments over a short period of time is that people can see when they were posted and if they all happened around the same time, it’s a sure sign that the person purchased them.

When you use our service, they appear organic and natural!

How long does it take for my video to start gaining comments?

Since we watch your video, write relevant comments and then manually deliver them, it takes a fair bit of time. Generally, your comments will start appearing on your video within 48-72 hours after your order is placed and then they will be spread out over a few days to make them appear more natural and organic.

What is the minimum number of comments I can order for a video?

The minimum number of comments we will deliver to a video is 5 comments. As a result, if you order 10 comments, you can submit 1 to 2 video URLs for us to spread the comments onto.

If you order 20 comments, you can submit 1 to 4 video URLs.

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Help me grow my channel please

Hi friends I also need grow my YouTube so plss help me to get. More subscribers, likes and comments. Thanks!!


We can help you grow your channel no problem! You can go here to purchase Subscribers:

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So good!

Nice for the comments! They are great.

Thank you for the kind words!

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Very good to increase your YouTube channel!

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Quality Comments!

They did exactly as advertised and wrote and delivered quality comments that were relevant to my video. Very happy with this service! A+++

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