Affiliate Marketing Tips For YouTube Content Creators

YouTube is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world now, and monetizing it gives you endless opportunities. With billions of people logging in every month the video hosting platform has now made it easier than ever to do Affiliate marketing.

With YouTube introducing new ways of earning money, creators should take full advantage of this fact. This not only gets you money but also helps you build a community around your recommended products.

What is an affiliate link?

In short, it is a way for the company to track the personal link that they give you. So, if any of your followers buy anything through your links you get a small commission.

How and where to get affiliate links?

Amazon has its own affiliate marketing program where you get a part of the sales when you redirect people to Amazon for purchases. This is the most common among YouTube creators because of the huge market presence that Amazon has.

You can link products that you vouch for in the description and also give people a small discount if they use your link. Walmart, Best Buy, and Target also have their own in-house affiliate marketing programs.

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How to find these opportunities?

If you are looking for affiliate links then your best bet is Amazon, after that you can check sites like and ShareASale or even ImpactRadius. These are affiliate link networks.

They house brands like Target or Home Depot and also many others. Once you get approved for their services you can start contacting the companies in their roster one by one.

How to plug them in your video?

It is best to include these links when you are reviewing something or answering some technical things. For example, photographers and vloggers can tell more about the gear used in a FAQ or a review video.

This way not only do people get to see what you use but also get an added discount too. On the other hand, when people use the link that you had provided, you also get a small percentage of the sale through the link. It is a great way to monetize our videos even if they are not sponsored.

Link Placement

Add the affiliate links in the description and mention them in the video. This way your followers can go to the link easily and you get that affiliate money too. Since YouTube would like to keep people on the platform for as long as possible. It is best that you place the plug at the end of the video or at least towards the end.

This way not only do you benefit from the SEO aspect but also keep people hooked to your video for a longer time. You will have to find a balance and see at what point you should plug in the product. This takes time and only comes with a lot of practice.

As you make more and more videos this will become easier to plug in and also help you understand how people react to your videos. This is a great YouTube Marketing hack that helps tremendously in video marketing later on.

Setting changes

A good thing about affiliate marketing is that you do not need to make any changes to your YouTube settings. There is no rule about you being transparent with your viewers but you can tell them about your relationship with the brand for building more trust.
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What are the Most Common Types of YouTube Videos?

Did you know that about 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day? In the digital age we live in today, online video streaming has become more or less synonymous with YouTube, which is why so many influence-rs and content creators have chosen it as their main platform.

With so many options available, which types of videos are the most popular and get the most views on YouTube? Let’s find out.

Product reviews

Before making purchases of new products they haven’t tried before, consumers want to see if it is worth their money. So, they go online to check reviews from people who have used the products, and what better way to check out reviews than with videos where you can see the product in 3D? Besides, consumers trust reviews from influencers and YouTubers with credibility, which means that these product review videos influence purchasing decisions.


These are extremely popular, especially for make-up artists and beauty influencers, crafts and DIY channels, cooking channels, etc. These types of videos show viewers how to do something on their own, be it applying make-up, styling their hair, cooking a dish, creating their own DIYs, or simple life hacks. Such videos are consumed by viewers of all age groups, and they are the perfect combination of informative, value, and practicality, making them a favorite among viewers.


Why do so many YouTubers create their videos following the Vlog style? Mostly because viewers can’t seem to get enough of them because of their authenticity and rawness. A vlog is like an online diary in a video format, where the YouTuber shares what their day is like without following any script. It’s a great way to show viewers the real you and give them a chance to connect with you.

Vlogs are so popular that there are some influencers that even have a dedicated vlogging channel apart from their main channel.

Video games

Gaming channels are extremely popular on YouTube, and the influencer with the most number of subscribers, that is PewDiePie, is also a gaming channel. The video-sharing platform has plenty of gamers who upload different types of gaming videos such as video game walkthroughs, commentaries, review newly-released games, etc.

Gaming video makers have plenty of opportunities to engage and interact with their fans and supporters, including live gaming sessions, which is why so many gaming channels have so many subscribers.

Comedy sketches/skits

Many famous YouTubers which have now become more or less household names started out with comedy sketches and skits. These include Ryan Higa, Lilly Singh AKA Superwoman, Liza Koshy, etc. This alone speaks volumes on how much viewers love these types of videos.

What’s there not to love after all? They are funny, entertaining, often relatable and engaging, and just short enough not to be boring.


Hauls are exactly what they sound like. It’s a type of video, where you, the influencer, shares a bunch of products you have purchased, such as clothes, shoes, make-up, skincare products, etc. and tries them on or show them in detail to your viewers. They are great formats for influencers who have partnered with a certain brand and are trying to showcase and highlight the products of that brand in the video.

Challenge videos

No influencer can stay away from the many online challenges such as the Try Not to Laugh Challenge, Highlighter challenge, Reading People’s Assumptions About Me Challenge, Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag, etc. These are trendy and a great way to attract views and new subscribers.

If you are thinking of video ideas for your YouTube channel, these are some great content formats you can get behind.

The Benefits of Paid YouTube Views – What to Know

The average modern consumer unknowingly shows a strong preference for visual information. It should come as no surprise, then, that videos are all the rage today.

Nowadays, the power of videos is stronger than ever. The media type consistently outperforms any other type of content online in terms of engagement, brand recall, and sales conversions. Successful digital marketers that recognize game-changing assets will almost always recommend using videos to the advantage of your campaigns as much as possible.

Choosing the right social media platform to launch your videos on can significantly boost the performance of your online marketing efforts by as much as ten-fold. Although Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all great options to consider, there’s one platform that has proven its worth when it comes to video-based online marketing campaigns: YouTube.

How YouTube can help your videos out

Although it may seem like a no-brainer to go for the top video-based social media platform on the web, most marketers remain unaware of the fact that YouTube can help fortify any campaign. Often touted as the future of online marketing, the video-centric platform has proven to be an essential playing field for any digital marketer looking for the best campaign results.

Just as Facebook runs on engagement rates and Twitter runs on reach, YouTube relies on one particular metric for attaining success: YouTube views. With the YouTube platform being slated as the world’s second-largest search engine and third most-visited website, it is clear that it is packed with regular viewers. The thing about YouTube views, however, is that it can often turn out to be a “view-for-view” type of deal, which essentially opens up a hot topic among digital marketers: “should I buy YouTube Views?

Buying views—as controversial as it may seem—has been shown to drive desirable marketing results. In fact, it comes with a variety of benefits that can help propel your online business and marketing campaigns right into success.

The benefits of buying YouTube views

If you’ve been meaning to buy YouTube views as a way to kickstart your digital marketing efforts and campaigns, here are a few benefits that you should be aware of:

1. Buying YouTube views helps with building your social proof

YouTube views work in the same way that laugh tracks and cues do: they encourage people to perform a certain action. In the case of buying views, they prod web surfers to watch your videos. The psychology of persuasion directly applies when it comes to any form of subtle prodding that people bite onto, and buying YouTube views is no exception. Buying YouTube views immediately helps with building social proof as having an amassed number of views will convince viewers that they should watch your videos too!

2. Purchased YouTube views can drive traffic to your website

One special part about YouTube and its viewers is that word travels exceptionally fast on the platform. The speed at which word travels means that you have the prime opportunity to drive traffic to your website. Aside from bought views driving viewers straight into your videos out of social proof, they also tell viewers more about your brand and your website, leading to a greater number of website visits. The more your content is viewed as being up-to-par by a viewer reeled in through paid views, the higher the likelihood of them visiting your website and telling their friends about it.

3. Scaling the search results is easier when you buy views

In comparison with other types of search engines, YouTube’s search engine is easier to work with when it comes to search engine optimization. Videos that have the highest number of views are pushed to the top spot of search results for terms relevant to your content. This, in turn, makes it especially beneficial to purchase views!

Final words

Buying YouTube views is a guaranteed, convenient, cost-effective, and easy way to attain success through the use of videos on the platform. Should you find yourself shifting back and forth between purchasing views for your videos or going view-free, feel free to keep this guide in mind to make a well-informed decision!

If you’re looking to buy YouTube views & subscribers, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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