How to Get The Best Out of YouTube Hashtags?

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SoNuker Writers

It was in 2016 when video-sharing social platform YouTube introduced hashtags. But over the years, YouTube hashtags have evolved tremendously to better the entire experience of video searching for viewers. Not to forget, the platform has also supported content creators by making their videos easily discoverable.
YouTube hashtags can be seen in two places: above the video’s title and in the description box. They are just a great way to discover “related content” on the platform. However, you should note that only a maximum of 15 hashtags can be added in a single video so that you don’t penalized for exceeding the use of the tagging feature.

Here are a few tips to follow to make your YouTube video marketing stand out with hashtags:

Go for the trending ones

First and foremost, you need to know the topics that are trending on the platform and use hashtags for them for your videos. The trending section of YouTube can be of great help here. This section can help you simply your task and come up with hashtags that are mostly used and searched for. You can discover trending hashtags just by typing # in the search bar. Also, you can discover popular ones under the subscription section. Don’t forget to analyze what your competitors are doing so that you know what’s working and what’s not working.

Categorize your video content

One good part about using YouTube hashtags is that you can classify and categorize your video content on the platform. For example, you can categorize your video content on the basis of high-searched and popular terms in your niche. This can be related to food brands, music, sports, entertainment, and so on and so forth. A few examples include #vegandiet #healthyrecipes, #rockmusic, #hiphopmusic, etc. It’s true that YouTube hashtags have become popular in recent times, but you should also consider using them in your older video content. Doing so will help you make your older content visible on the platform too.

Create and use branded hashtags

Using hashtags for your YouTube videos provides an easy way to find other video content under one roof. YouTube video content that are hashtagged leads users to other video content bearing the same hashtag. But the key to effective discoverability lies in creating custom, branded YouTube hashtags. These types of hashtags will give greater exposure to your brand. Also, your video content is more likely to dominate in this niche because it’s very unlikely that a rival of your brand would be using these hashtags. A classic example of this would be #shareacoke campaign of Coca Cola. You can enjoy a huge creative scope when it comes to creating and using branded hashtags for sure.

Never forget analyticsanalytics

Just like you need to measure the performance of your campaigns on other social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you need to do the same for your YouTube video content. Once you added the relevant hashtags to your video content on YouTube, you will have to analyze their performance. You can leverage several analytics tools to know which hashtag generates the maximum traffic to your video content on the platform. Once you have this data, you can use these hashtags more and more in your video campaigns to drive traffic. Simply go to YouTube Analytics, then Traffic Sources, and then YouTube Search. Here, you will find a list of hashtags you have used and the ones that generated the maximum views.

While using hashtags for your video content, make sure you use only the relevant ones. This is because misleading or irrelevant hashtags could possibly lead to the removal of your video content as per YouTube’s policies.