How to Maximize Your YouTube Playlists This 2020 – What to Know

No matter how established you may be in the video content creation industry, know that creating and promoting new content will get anyone farther on YouTube than anything else will. 

Now, as well-established as the YouTube saying of content creation and promotion may be, it’s vital to understand that it’s no longer the only way to guarantee success on the social platform. If you look closely at your own channel, there’s one simple feature that can get you even more subscribers without creating or aggressively promoting new content. In fact, this feature is so simple that you encounter it every day without knowing its potential: the playlist function

Why playlists have become a crucial tool in gaining subscribers

At first, it may seem blasphemous to even think that simply putting your existing content into playlists will get you as many subscribers as new content can. Creating playlists with your pre-existing videos, however, is effective in garnering more subscribers because it caters to the average user’s desire to binge on content. 

Let’s face it: YouTube viewers nowadays are impatient because almost everything is more convenient than ever, and it’s much easier to watch an influx of content in one go than wait a week for another installment. As the YouTube viewership culture continues to turn towards the habit of binging content, this is why playlists are more effective because they deliver continuous content in one go! 

Instead of jumping from page to page in search of the next video after the last, playlists make it much easier for viewers to watch your content in one go. This essentially acts as a nudge into loyally following your content. Making the most out of YouTube playlists, however, is much more than simply adding all your videos into one “must-watch” playlist as there are a few ways to do it as effectively as possible. 

To ensure that your efforts are yielding the greatest amount of loyal subscribers, here are three ways to make the most out of every YouTube playlist: 

1. Start the playlists with your most popular content

Given the fact that YouTube’s system automatically sets a playlist’s thumbnail based on the first video in it, this is why beginning them with a popular video is the way to go. By putting your most popular video at the top, you’ll end up creating a feeling of familiarity that makes it much easier for viewers to immediately spot your playlist and start engaging with it. 

2. Name your playlist with keywords and SEO in mind

Your YouTube playlists will only get your channel a significant boost in subscriber and viewer count if users can actually see it in the first place. The best way to improve your playlist’s visibility is by using SEO and keywords. Thanks to YouTube’s internal search engine, it’s much easier and faster to reach your target audience with the use of keywords. Generally speaking, keywords are best generated when approached from the perspective of a user when they try to search for content like yours, so make sure to do the necessary research beforehand! 

3. Make multiple yet differentiated playlists with the same videos

Another way to maximize the power of YouTube playlists and your best-selling content is to create a wide variety of playlists with the same video content to attract even more viewers and potential subscribers. By recycling and reconfiguring your video library, you’ll be able to tailor different variations of a specific set of content so that it can cater to a wide variety of subgenres that have their own unique set of followers. 

With the use of YouTube playlists, you’ll be able to tap into the potential of your already-existing content in getting a copious amount of new subscribers and climbing up the content creator ladder! If you’re looking to improve your channel’s standing on the platform without going overboard on creating new content, then creating a playlist and maximizing it with the tips given above are the way to go!

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