How to Use YouTube for Viral Marketing?

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SoNuker Writers

After Facebook, perhaps it’s YouTube that’s rocking in the social media scenario, with its 2 million monthly active users. The video-sharing platform is the second largest search engine in the world (after Google, of course), and over a billion hours of videos are watched on it every day. From music to comedy to pop culture and entertainment to general “how to” videos, YouTube is just where a video lover can find anything under the sun.

As such, it would be a great idea to leverage the platform for your viral marketing. Viral videos, used as a part of your social media marketing efforts, can be an effectiveness awareness generator for your brand. But before you plunge into it, it’s best to know about the two types of viral videos first:

  • Organic: These videos create a nationwide frenzy, and YouTube users just love to watch and share them with their connections. They are often unplanned and reach of these videos happen organically.
  • Seeded: These videos are planned viral campaigns and demand a lot of thought and money. More often, professional social media agencies are behind the creation of seeded viral videos.

Do you wish to create a viral YouTube video? You need to focus on three aspects: a problem, a magnification of the problem, and a solution. Once you figure out this simple formula, your videos are sure to go viral. But there are additional tips that you must follow too. Check them out below:

Tip 1: Come up with something fresh

First and foremost, the video you are creating should be new. It should offer something that’s not seen by your users before and must bear a high SNP or Social Networking Potential. Your video clips need to be unique and engaging, meaning that your followers can’t resist from sharing them with others. So make sure you get the content of your viral video right in the very beginning.

Tip 2: Take care of the length

The length of your video content has a direct impact on its virality. The most effective and widely shared viral videos on YouTube are about twenty seconds to a minute long. Some video marketing experts even say that a 15-second video would work impressively too. In case you have a slightly longer video, don’t hesitate to break them into short clips. Just make sure your message is compelling enough.

Tip 3: Loop in celebrities

Celebrities and influencers featuring on your video is reason enough for your YouTube followers to watch it. If you are creating the video for a large brand, then associating with some celebrities would be an excellent idea. After all, the online community today is pretty obsessed with pop culture. So don’t hesitate to approach them if your budget allows.

Tip 4: Strike an emotional chord

As is the case with most marketing messages, your viral clips should be able to arouse emotions in your viewers. Have something surreal in your video. Try to include emotional elements that make your viewers feel you and your brand. It can any emotion—anger, surprise, disgust or amusement. Always remember that videos that evoke a spectrum of emotions perform amazingly owing to their multi-dimensionality.

Tip 5: Remember it’s not an advertisement

Lastly, you shouldn’t make your video an advertisement for a product or service. Your viewers should perceive your video as something that entertains, and not sell. For a video to go viral, your content should use casual language. Go through what your YouTube viewers are watching on the platform. Use this information to create a base for your video content. You are surely going to appeal to your users this way.

Make sure you follow these simple tips to create viral videos and take your YouTube marketing efforts a notch higher.