Make These Types of Videos on YouTube to Get Popular

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Make These Types of Videos on YouTube to Get Popular

More than 500 hours of content are being uploaded to YouTube every minute and the platform has grown to become the 2nd largest search engine after Google. With so much competition on the platform, it’s imperative for brands to capitalize on trending video content to ensure popularity of videos. If you’re investing in YouTube marketing for your brand, it makes sense to know about what type of video content is popular on YouTube so that you can create videos that your audience will enjoy. Here are the most popular types of videos on YouTube that you can create for your brand’s YouTube channel.

Top list videos

Top list videos present viewers with top picks from a particular category and maybe in the form of:


Such videos are hugely popular when used with influencer marketing where products are shown off after a shopping spree or particular time period to highlight the 1st impression or review of the influencer. It can also be used to announce new products and upcoming trends.


Customer favorites from testimonials and reviews can also be shown through videos. Influencer marketing can also help to highlight favorite products of your brand, making it a more reliable source of information for people interested in your products/services.


Videos featuring your brand’s latest product collection or an influencer highlighting the products/services you offer are yet another type of videos that can help you gain popularity with your audience.


Compilations can help to grab viewers attention by showcasing footage from longer videos across a period of time. This may be in the form of a compilation of annual events of your business, brand milestones, or even behind the scenes footage.


Launching challenges and contests through your YouTube channel can help increase engagement rates and brand awareness by helping you reach a wider audience. As more people participate in the challenge, more people get to know about your brand and these can help generate leads for your business. Challenges in the format of memes are especially popular because they’re specific, relatable, and funny.


Interviewing an eminent personality or an influencer on your YouTube channel can help to get more people interested in watching your video and increase engagement rates for your channel. Discussions on important issues can take place through such interviews, and people can be encouraged to participate in the comments section or through live discussions if the interview is conducted live.

Tutorials/How to videos

Tutorials or how to videos are great for demonstrating the use of a product/service or process of completing a specific task. Such videos are important for all demographics, but millennials are currently the largest consumers of such videos. These are task-specific videos and can provide detailed instructions to interested parties about the use of a particular product/service.

Q&A videos

Question and Answer videos give viewers the opportunity to interact with your brand while allowing you to showcase your concern and care for them. Through such videos, viewers have a chance to ask questions and seek clarifications. You can choose a list of some frequently asked questions and respond to these in the form of a Q&A video. This will encourage greater participation from viewers and help you achieve higher search engine rankings.

Narrative videos

Narrative videos can help you take your audience on a journey from start to finish. You could talk about brand milestones, how it was formed, the latest developments, or other narratives in such videos. This helps to add a personal touch to your videos for your audience, helping them connect better with your brand.

Product reviews

Reviews of your brand’s products by influencers or other customers are great to win over the trust of your audience. Unboxing videos do a great job of this as they can capture raw emotions and first impressions without the need for a script.
Other popular video types include music videos, commentary videos, docuseries, and comedy videos.


No matter what type of video you choose, you can’t compromise on video quality. Having a detailed plan and creating something that will engage your audience is still crucial to gaining popularity on YouTube.