Should You Still Buy YouTube Views? – Video Marketing 101

As 2019 comes to a close, it’s easy to assume that this year alone was a milestone for technology, digital media marketing, and social media. For the first ten months of the year, everything related to the world wide web garnered headline status at one point or another. 

From news of Facebook’s own try at starting a digital currency to TikTok rising up the ranks and amassing more than a billion users, there’s no denying that this is the year of social media. While key practices, social media strategies, and trends come and go, there’s one particular practice that has considerably maintained the buzz and controversy surrounding it for years: buying YouTube views.

Now, it may seem like reading those three words alone may be enough to cause any suspicion over a lack of authenticity. However, buying YouTube views is not illegal at all, and it has actually been used by some of the world’s top brands and personalities to get ahead of the pack. 

Although it may be often compared to buying likes or followers, there’s a certain aspect of purchasing YouTube views that sort of sets it apart in a way that puts the practice in a moral high ground. With social media and the YouTube platform gaining a more competitive atmosphere every month, however, every opportunity to gain an advantage over the competition is as valuable as ever. 

For digital marketers and brands seeking to make the most out of YouTube’s potential, you might be wondering: Should you buy YouTube views in 2019 and all the years to come?

To better understand why buying YouTube views may be beneficial for achieving your goals and how it isn’t as bad as it may seem, let’s delve deeper into it. 

First of all, why are YouTube views so important?

If likes are the currency of Instagram and retweets are Twitter’s medium of exchange, views are what makes the world of YouTube go round. It just goes to show how important they are. With YouTube consistently being heralded as one of the most influential marketing platforms, it makes perfect sense that getting as many views as possible for any video is essential for success. 

As opposed to Google and Facebook, YouTube’s views maintain a more direct relationship with exposure because of the rather simple equation it runs on: more views equal more exposure. More exposure equates to more success. 

The main idea for YouTube success is best summarized in the common belief that a video with a few dozen views is much better than none. Having a higher amount of views right away allows your content to hit the ground running, essentially establishing a strong rapport with every viewer for more successful results. 

Well, should you buy YouTube views or not?

Yes, you should buy YouTube views if you want to give your content a headstart for gaining traction, but be careful not to rely on it for success. 

The most practical way to obtain as many views as possible on YouTube is to buy them, especially if you’re a fairly new channel with a little-to-zero subscriber count. In regards to how many views you can get, the possibilities are practically limitless as there are different packages that have varying amounts of offered views. 

It is essential to remember, however, that the practice of buying YouTube views is best used as a short-term strategy to establish your channel and content properly in a tight timeframe. Maximizing the potential of buying YouTube views entails pairing it with other effective marketing practices such as on-point content creation, guest invites, and the like. Purchasing YouTube views makes it possible to get optimal results in the shortest time and gives the necessary nudge your content needs to go viral. 

Thanks to greater awareness and an enhanced level of open-mindedness in 2019, buying YouTube views has come far from being a taboo topic to establishing itself as a key video marketing strategy. 

If you’re looking to buy YouTube views & subscribers, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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