What Are the Different Types of YouTube Cards and How to Use Them?

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What Are the Different Types of YouTube Cards and How to Use Them?

Have you started using YouTube cards in your marketing strategy? YouTube cards are the cards that you see, usually towards the end of the video that allows the viewer to visit other relevant content, and is a way for the creator to share links to content they find relevant, throughout a video. They are interactive elements that are added to the YouTube video and used to promote several elements such as playlists, videos, channels, merchandise, or other websites.

YouTube cards are one of the best solutions that drive actionable outcomes from the video content and offer many other benefits as well. They can be used to add more visual components with fundamental objectives that can benefit your YouTube content. These cards can include outside links, images, and content that is downloaded when clicked and can appear at any point in the video.

What are the different types of YouTube cards?

There are different types of YouTube cards that can be added to the video that can benefit you. They include the following.

  • Video cards: They are cards that provide a link to another video and encourage viewers to watch another video that is related to the content that they have just viewed. It lets them spend more time on your channel. This card can also be linked to a playlist of videos that have a relation to the content posted.
  • Associate website cards: These cards are used to convert viewers into customers as they consist of call-to-action in addition to a custom title and a thumbnail picture. Irrespective of whether the viewer has reached your channel from your website or through an associated URL. You can use this card to convert them into customers.
  • Fundraising cards or Donation cards: As the name says, a fundraising card lets you link a fundraising page to your channel, directly through a thumbnail image and a suitable title. The card is more suitable as well as fruitful when you are promoting a fundraising project. You can feature a non-profit cause of your choice and encourage viewer donation.
  • Merchandising card: If you want to sell any product or service through a thumbnail picture, an attractive title, and a call-to-action, then merchandising card is just right for you. These cards are vital to boost your YouTube promotional efforts as well as to offer financial support to your YouTube channel.

In addition to the four main types of cards mentioned above, other cards are not frequently used as they do not provide a call-to-action or promote your YouTube channel. They are used for smaller purposes and include links and polls. While the link card takes you to an approved website off YouTube, the poll card encourages your viewers to engage in surveys.

How can you use them?

Using interactive YouTube cards can benefit you immensely. You can add up to five cards in one video, which is displayed on mobile devices as well. Follow the below steps to add YouTube cards to your video.

  • Go to YouTube videos manager that is available in YouTube’s Creator’s Studio. Navigate through your video list to look for the video you want to add the card to.
  • Click on the ‘Edit’ button located below the video’s title.
  • On top of the navigation bar, you will find the ‘Cards’ tab. Click on the Cards tab.
  • You will be offered a list of cards that you can add. Click on ‘Add Card’ and then click on ‘Create’ that is placed to the right of the card.
  • Fill in the necessary information asked and enter the valid URL.
  • Select a suitable image, upload to thumbnail, and add call-to-action. You will also need to add a title and a custom teaser text.
  • Adjust the card to show up on the video when you see fit.

YouTube cards are the ideal choice of YouTube marketing that you can take advantage of. They are easy to use and offer immense benefits at no additional cost. If you know how to use these cards for your benefit, you can promote your YouTube channel as well as your business with the click of a button.