What YouTube Select Has In Store For Advertisers?

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What YouTube Select Has In Store For Advertisers?

There was a time when Google Preferred was the go-to platform for advertisers. But that’s changing now. The tech giant phased out the platform, but advertisers have now found an alternative—YouTube Select—that unifies premium video ad offerings. Although it looks different from Google Preferred, YouTube Select focuses on diverse, high-quality content packages. Moreover, these content packages are pretty safe for brands to use.

There’s one noteworthy aspect that’s completely new in YouTube Select. It also brings the option for advertisers to access streaming TV content for the very first time. When Google Preferred first came out in 2014, advertisers got the option to target markets in the United States and Canada. Also, advertisers could target only the top 5-percent videos that are popular in niches like food and entertainment. But YouTube Select comes with the aim to reach a global audience. It is customized to various market segments where there is an availability of YouTube advertising.

How does it work?

The ad service of YouTube Select tailors different content by focusing on different categories. YouTube calls these categories as “calls lineup.” Some of these categories include fashion, beauty, technology, entertainment, and sports. Also, YouTube is launching a fledgling category of lineups in the United States to reach upcoming, niche YouTube channels.

When it comes to accessing streaming TV, YouTube comes up with a lineup that capitalizes on the increasing number of people watching videos on YouTube TV and YouTube app on connected TV devices. The connected TV content package aims to provide a scalable solution for areas like YouTube Originals, premium video content creators, feature movies, and live sports.
As the COVID-19 pandemic wreaks havoc across the globe, advertisers see the future as bleak and uncertain. Live events and sports are cancelled all around the country—something that’s pushing them to relook at their advertising budget and media mix. However, YouTube Select is certainly making a difference. It’s putting forward a highly unified advertising product that will help advertisers to pitch for whopping dollars at NewFronts 2020, event that showcases a variety of audio and video content. It was supposed to be live-streamed in April but has been postponed till June.

The move to streamline and expand advertising offerings by YouTube is considered quite timely, especially when TV streaming is on the rise in the United States. The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated this behavior as the country passes stay-at-home orders. This could mean that traditional cable and broadcast networks would see their usage plummeting. Also, advertisers are spending less on traditional TV content during the pandemic.

With major brands like Pepsico and General Motors reconsidering their prior commitments towards traditional TV advertising, YouTube finds a great opportunity to earn some dollars. The new lineup of YouTube Select exudes diversity in all its content offerings. The video service is apt for advertisers to customize their campaigns to meet both local and global needs.

Different states in the US are planning to reopen their businesses according to different timelines. As such, YouTube Select would allow advertisers to localize their ads at a higher premium. On a global level, the lineups of YouTube Select would be offer through Display and Video 360, Google Ads, and on reservation basis, especially in countries in the APAC region and Europe. Also, YouTube is promising to offer more flexibility to advertisers when it comes to negotiating deal timing and costs during the pandemic.

YouTube intends to pitch the video service to advertisers during the annual Brandcast presentation, which is set to be held on June 25. The video-streaming giant recently leveled up its Brand Lift measurement option and launched ads that can be skipped on connected TVs. Nevertheless, YouTube Select is quite capable and certain, and its content offerings would provide advertisers with a much easier way to genuinely connect with a wide audience, both locally and globally.